Jobs that Start with the Letter U – (Uncommon Careers)

Explore a range of job opportunities with our list of jobs that start with the letter U. From unique roles in different industries, find out what career path could be right for you. Check out the list today!

Top 10 jobs that start with the letter U and their Description

1. Urban Planner

An urban planner is responsible for designing and developing communities, neighborhoods, and cities.

2. UX Designer

A UX designer creates and enhances digital interfaces to ensure the user experience is easy, efficient, and enjoyable.

3. Ultrasound Technician

An ultrasound technician uses specialized equipment to create images of internal organs and tissues for medical diagnosis.

4. Underwriter

An underwriter evaluates insurance applications to determine the risk involved and whether the application should be approved or denied.

5. User Support Technician

A user support technician provides technical support to users who are experiencing issues with computer software or hardware.

6. Urologist

A urologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the urinary tract and male reproductive system.

7. Unix System Administrator

A Unix system administrator is responsible for managing and maintaining Unix-based computer systems.

8. Utilities Manager

A utilities manager oversees the operations of a utility company, such as a water or electric company.

9. Utility Engineer

A utility engineer designs, develops, and maintains utility systems, such as power, water, and gas.

10. Underwater Welder

An underwater welder is responsible for welding underwater structures, such as oil rigs and ships.

Jobs that Start with U

  1. U.S. Representative
  2. U.S. Revenue Officer
  3. U.S. Senator
  4. Uber Driver
  5. Uke Driver
  6. Uke Operator
  7. Ukrainian Folk Arts Instructor
  8. Ultra Sound Technician
  9. Ultrasonic Equipment Sales Representative
  10. Ultrasonic Hand Solderer
  11. Ultrasonic Seaming Machine Operator
  12. Ultrasonic Solderer
  14. Ultrasonic Welding Machine Operator
  16. Ultrasound Technologist (Ultrasound Tech)
  17. Ultrasound Tester
  18. Umbrella Cutter
  20. Umbrella Frame Maker
  21. Umbrella Mender
  23. Umbrella Supervisor
  24. Umbrella Tipper
  25. UMPIRE
  26. Umpires, Referees, and Other Sports Officials
  27. Unattended Ground Sensor Specialist
  28. Unclaimed Property Officer
  29. Under Baster
  30. Under Cutting Machine Operator
  31. Under Ground Miner
  32. Under Presser
  33. Under Seal Operator
  34. Under Sheriff
  35. Under Trimmer
  36. Under Water Assistant (U/W Assistant)
  37. Undercar Specialist
  39. Undercollar Maker
  41. Undercutter Operator
  42. Underground Mine Superintendent
  43. Underground Roof Bolter
  44. Underground Supervisor
  45. Underground Utility Locator.
Jobs that Start with the Letter U – (Uncommon Careers)
Uber Driver holding a navigation app
  1. Undertaker
  2. Undertaker Assistant
  3. Undertaker Helper
  4. Underwater Hunter
  5. Underwater Hunter Trapper
  7. Underwater Photographer
  8. Underwater Roboticist
  9. Underwater Trapper
  10. Underwater Welder
  11. Underwriter
  12. Underwriter Solicitation Director
  13. Underwriting Account Representative
  14. Underwriting Assistant
  16. Underwriting Clerks Supervisor
  17. Underwriting Sales Representative
  18. Underwriting Service Representative
  19. Underwriting Support Specialist
  20. Undraped Artist Model
  21. Unemployment Benefits Claims Taker
  22. Unemployment Claims Adjudicator
  23. Unemployment Examiner
  24. Unemployment Inspector.
careers that start with u
urologist with a stethoscope and medical tools

Careers that Start with the Letter U

  1. Unhairer
  2. Unhairing Machine Operator
  3. Uniform Designer
  4. Uniform Force Captain
  5. Uniform Maker
  6. Uniform Patrol Police Officer
  7. Uniformer
  8. Uniforms Sales Representative
  9. Unindentured Apprentice
  10. Union Carpenter
  11. Union Contract Representative
  12. Union Laborer
  13. Union Organizer
  14. Union Representative
  15. Union Steward
  16. Unionmelt Operator
  17. Unisaw Operator
  18. Unishear Operator
  19. Unit Assembler
  20. Unit Assistant
  22. Unit Control Clerk
  23. Unit Control Worker
  24. Unit Controller
  25. Unit Coordinator
  26. Unit Manager
  28. Unit Reactor Operator
  29. Unit Secretary
  30. Unit Support Representative
  31. Unit Technician.
  1. Unit Tender
  2. United States Marshal (US Marshal)
  3. Unitizer
  4. Universal Banker
  5. Universal Grinder Operator
  6. Universal Grinder Set-Up Operator
  7. Universal Winding Machine Operator
  8. University Administrator
  9. University Archivist
  10. University Counselor
  11. University Dean
  12. University Extension Specialist
  13. University Librarian
  14. University President
  15. University Professor
  16. University Relations Director
  17. University Relations Vice President
  18. University Teacher
  19. Unix Administrator
  20. Unix Systems Administrator
  21. Unleavened Dough Mixer
  23. Unload Associate
  24. Unloader
  25. Unloader Operator
  26. Unloading and Loading Line Service Attendant
  27. Unloading Checker
  28. Unmanned Equipment Operator
  30. Upfitter
  31. Upholstered Goods Crafter
  33. Upholsterer Apprentice.
careers that start with u
  • Utility Accounts Director
  • Utility Aide
  • Utility Aircrewman
  • Utility Appraiser
  • Utility Arborist
  • Utility Bagger
  • Utility Bill Complaints Investigator
  • Utility Division Project Manager
  • Utility Engineer
  • Utility Forester
  • Utility Helicopter Repairer
  • Utility Lineman
  • Utility Locate Technician
  • Utility Locator
  • Utility Maintenance Worker
  • Utility Mechanic Supervisor
  • Utility Operator Yarn
  • Utility Person
  • Utility Pipe Layer
  • Utility Plant Operative
  • Utility Porter
  • Utility Sales and Service Manager.


What are some unique jobs with U?

Some unique jobs with the letter U include urban planner, usability specialist, and underwater welder.

What are some IT careers that start with letter U?

Some IT jobs that start with the letter U include UI/UX designer, Unix system administrator, and user support technician.

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