Careers that Start with C — (Create Your Future)

Looking for the best and most popular Careers that start with the letter C? Check out our list of top 100 Jobs, including CEO, chef, computer programmer, compliance officer, and many more.

Whether you’re exploring career options or looking to switch jobs, this comprehensive list can help you find the right fit.

Jobs that start with C

  1. CEO
  2. CFO
  3. Civil Engineer
  4. CIO
  5. CTO
  6. Chemist
  7. Chef
  8. Carpenter
  9. Computer Scientist
  10. Computer Programmer
  11. Customer Service Representative
  12. Call Center Agent
  13. Copywriter
  14. Content Writer
  15. Customer Success Manager
  16. Cybersecurity Analyst
  17. Cloud Architect
  18. Cloud Engineer
  19. Cloud Administrator
  20. Clinical Psychologist
  21. Cardiologist
  22. Cardiovascular Technologist
  23. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  24. Compliance Officer
  25. Compensation Analyst
  26. Construction Manager
  27. Construction Worker
  28. Claims Adjuster
  29. Customer Experience Manager
  30. Corporate Trainer
  31. Curriculum Developer
  32. Customer Support Specialist
  33. Claims Examiner
  34. Creative Director
  35. Commercial Real Estate Agent
  36. Copy Editor
  37. Certified Nurse Midwife
  38. Clinical Nurse Specialist
  39. Cardiovascular Surgeon
  40. Computer Systems Analyst
  41. Compensation Manager
  42. Creative Writer
  43. Customer Relationship Manager
  44. Civil Litigation Attorney
  45. Criminal Defense Attorney
  46. Court Reporter
  47. Culinary Arts Instructor
  48. Computer Network Architect
  49. Cybersecurity Engineer
  50. Cybersecurity Manager
  51. Customer Account Manager
  52. Communications Manager
  53. Content Marketing Manager
  54. Content Marketing Specialist
  55. Customer Experience Specialist
  56. Communications Specialist
  57. Creative Services Manager
  58. Content Strategist
  59. Community Manager
  60. Cybersecurity Consultant
  61. Computer Forensic Analyst
  62. Customer Service Manager
  63. Childcare Provider
  64. Commercial Pilot
  65. Claims Processor
  66. Clinical Research Associate
  67. Cardiac Nurse
  68. Cardiac Catheterization Technologist
  69. Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
  70. Cardiovascular Technician
  71. Construction Superintendent
  72. Creative Producer
  73. Customer Service Associate
  74. Claims Specialist
  75. Corporate Recruiter
  76. Certified Medical Assistant
  77. Clinical Laboratory Technician
  78. Chemical Engineer
  79. Clinical Social Worker
  80. Customer Support Engineer
  81. Channel Sales Manager
  82. Compliance Manager
  83. Cloud Solutions Architect
  84. Cloud Solutions Engineer
  85. Cloud Services Engineer
  86. Cloud Services Specialist
  87. Cloud Security Engineer
  88. Cloud Security Specialist
  89. Creative Consultant
  90. Community Relations Manager
  91. Customer Support Analyst
  92. Client Services Manager
  93. Clinical Trial Manager
  94. Certified Pharmacy Technician
  95. Cardiovascular Perfusionist
  96. Clinical Informatics Specialist
  97. Call Center Manager
  98. Customer Service Supervisor
  99. Communications Coordinator
  100. Clinical Care Manager.
Careers that Start with the Letter C
A Computer Scientist in his lab.

Letter C Occupations grouped by Categories and their Duties:

Business/Executive Roles

  • CEO: Setting corporate strategy, overseeing operations, and making major corporate decisions.
  • CFO: Developing financial strategies, overseeing financial operations, and managing financial risk.
  • CIO: Developing and implementing technology strategies, overseeing technology operations, and ensuring cybersecurity.
  • CTO: Leading technology innovation, overseeing technology development, and ensuring technology aligns with business strategy.

Engineering/Science Roles

  • Chemist: Conducting chemical analyses, developing new chemical compounds, and researching chemical reactions.
  • Civil Engineer: Designing and supervising construction of buildings, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure.
  • Computer Scientist: Designing and developing computer systems and software, and conducting research on computing.
  • Chemical Engineer: Designing and developing chemical processes and equipment for manufacturing.

Food/Hospitality Roles

  • Chef: Preparing and cooking food, designing menus, and managing kitchen staff.
  • Carpenter: Building and repairing structures made of wood or other materials.
  • Culinary Arts Instructor: Teaching cooking techniques, recipe development, and food safety.

IT/Programming Roles

  • Computer Programmer: Writing and testing code for computer software and applications.
  • Customer Service Representative: Providing support and resolving customer issues through phone, email, or chat.
  • Call Center Agent: Handling inbound and outbound calls to provide customer support, sales, or surveys.
  • Cybersecurity Analyst: Monitoring and analyzing systems for security breaches and responding to cyber attacks.
  • Cloud Architect: Designing and implementing cloud-based systems and infrastructure.
  • Cloud Engineer: Building and deploying cloud-based systems and applications.
  • Cloud Administrator: Managing and monitoring cloud-based systems and infrastructure.
  • Computer Systems Analyst: Evaluating and improving computer systems, processes, and operations.
  • Cybersecurity Engineer: Developing and implementing cybersecurity strategies and defenses.
  • Cybersecurity Manager: Overseeing cybersecurity operations and implementing security policies.
  • Computer Network Architect: Designing and implementing computer networks and systems.
  • Computer Forensic Analyst: Collecting and analyzing digital evidence in legal or investigative cases.
  • Cloud Solutions Architect: Designing and implementing cloud-based solutions for clients.
  • Cloud Solutions Engineer: Building and deploying cloud-based solutions for clients.
  • Cloud Services Engineer: Developing and maintaining cloud-based services for clients.
  • Cloud Services Specialist: Managing and supporting cloud-based services for clients.
  • Cloud Security Engineer: Designing and implementing security measures for cloud-based systems.
  • Cloud Security Specialist: Managing and monitoring security for cloud-based systems.
  • Clinical Informatics Specialist: Developing and implementing healthcare information technology solutions.

Legal Roles

  • Corporate Recruiter: Recruiting and hiring candidates for job openings within a company.
  • Civil Litigation Attorney: Representing clients in civil litigation cases.
  • Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending clients accused of criminal offenses.
  • Court Reporter: Recording spoken or written proceedings in legal cases.

Marketing/Writing Roles

  • Copywriter: Creating written content for advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Content Writer: Creating written content for websites, blogs, or social media.
  • Customer Success Manager: Building relationships with clients, ensuring their success, and driving growth.
  • Content Marketing Manager: Developing and executing content marketing strategies to drive engagement and leads.
  • Content Marketing Specialist: Creating and promoting content to attract and engage target audiences.
  • Creative Director: Leading creative teams, developing brand strategies, and overseeing creative projects.
  • Copy Editor: Reviewing and editing written content for grammar, spelling, and style.
  • Creative Writer: Creating written content for a variety of mediums, including books, scripts, and advertisements.
  • Communications Manager: Developing and implementing communication strategies to reach target audiences.
  • Communications Specialist: Creating and executing communication plans, including content creation and media relations.
  • Content Strategist: Developing content strategies to achieve business goals and drive engagement.
  • Community Manager: Building and engaging online communities through social media, forums, and other channels.
  • Creative Services Manager: Managing creative teams and overseeing the production of creative projects.

Thank you for reading through the list of 100 most popular jobs that start with the letter C and their main duties.

Whether you are exploring new career paths or looking to enhance your current job skills, it’s important to keep in mind the various opportunities available to you.

Remember, these job duties are just a small sample of what each profession entails, so make sure to do further research and seek out advice from professionals in the field. Best of luck in your career endeavors!

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