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Are you on the hunt for a new job and looking for career options that start with the letter E? Look no further! Whether you’re interested in education, engineering, entertainment, or any number of other industries, there are plenty of exciting job opportunities out there that begin with the letter E.

In this guide, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 100 exciting jobs that start with E, complete with job descriptions and duties information.

Whether you’re just starting your career or are looking for a change, this list is sure to give you some inspiration and help you find your dream job. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of jobs that start with E!

Careers that Start with E

  1. Economist
  2. Electrician
  3. Engineer
  4. Editor
  5. Educator
  6. Entrepreneur
  7. Esthetician
  8. Executive Assistant
  9. Event Planner
  10. Environmental Scientist
  11. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  12. Epidemiologist
  13. Endocrinologist
  14. Epidemiology Nurse
  15. Electrician Apprentice
  16. Engineering Manager
  17. Equity Research Analyst
  18. Elementary School Teacher
  19. Environmental Engineer
  20. Exercise Physiologist
  21. Estimator
  22. Epidemiology Researcher
  23. Executive Director
  24. Environmental Compliance Specialist
  25. Engineering Technician
  26. Embryologist
  27. Emergency Room Physician
  28. Ecologist
  29. Echocardiographer
  30. Electromechanical Technician
  31. Electric Power Engineer
  32. Electrical Engineer
  33. Event Coordinator
  34. Executive Chef
  35. Event Marketing Manager
  36. Equity Trader
  37. Electrical Apprentice
  38. Education Administrator
  39. Executive Recruiter
  40. Executive Producer
  41. Exercise Specialist
  42. Engineering Consultant
  43. Endodontist
  44. Environmental Planner
  45. Environmental Scientist and Specialist
  46. Electrician Foreman
  47. Environmental Health and Safety Manager
  48. Endoscopy Technician
  49. Emergency Management Specialist
  50. Exercise Therapist.
jobs that start with e
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  1. Environmental Technician
  2. Electrical Designer
  3. Environmental Educator
  4. Executive Assistant to CEO
  5. Exercise Science Professor
  6. Emergency Medical Services Director
  7. Electrician Helper
  8. Electronics Engineer
  9. Executive Account Manager
  10. Environmental Microbiologist
  11. E-Commerce Manager
  12. Employment Specialist
  13. Environmental Geologist
  14. Entertainment Lawyer
  15. Event Producer
  16. Education Coordinator
  17. Equity Analyst
  18. Engineering Project Manager
  19. Electrical Inspector
  20. Emergency Management Director
  21. End User Support Technician
  22. Environmental Compliance Coordinator
  23. Epidemiology Coordinator
  24. Executive Secretary
  25. Executive Manager
  26. Engineering Geologist
  27. EKG Technician
  28. Enterprise Account Manager
  29. Environmental Chemist
  30. Event Designer
  31. Engineering Intern
  32. Environmental Control Technician
  33. Environmental Engineer Technician
  34. Energy Efficiency Consultant
  35. Engineering Scientist
  36. Executive Sous Chef
  37. Environmental Program Manager
  38. E-Learning Developer
  39. Electrical Estimator
  40. Epidemiology Consultant
  41. Event Marketing Coordinator
  42. Event Operations Manager
  43. Employee Benefits Specialist
  44. Engineering Analyst
  45. Environmental Coordinator
  46. Electrician Journeyman
  47. Exercise Instructor
  48. Emergency Medical Dispatcher
  49. Environmental Air Quality Specialist
  50. Environmental Planning Director.

Now Read Our Listed Jobs and their Main Duties:


  1. Engineer – Design, develop, and test products, systems, and processes.
  2. Engineering Manager – Plan, direct, and coordinate engineering projects.
  3. Engineering Technician – Assist engineers in developing, testing, and producing products.
  4. Engineering Consultant – Advise clients on engineering projects and design solutions.
  5. Engineering Project Manager – Plan, coordinate, and oversee engineering projects.


  1. Educator – Plan, develop, and deliver educational curriculum.
  2. Elementary School Teacher – Educate and guide children through elementary school education.
  3. Education Administrator – Oversee the operations of educational institutions.
  4. Exercise Science Professor – Teach courses on exercise and physical activity.
  5. E-Learning Developer – Develop digital educational materials and courses.


  1. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) – Provide emergency medical care and transportation.
  2. Epidemiologist – Investigate patterns and causes of diseases and injuries.
  3. Endocrinologist – Diagnose and treat disorders of the endocrine system.
  4. Epidemiology Nurse – Assess, monitor, and control the spread of infectious diseases.
  5. Emergency Room Physician – Provide emergency medical care to patients.


  1. Electrician – Install, maintain, and repair electrical systems.
  2. Electrician Apprentice – Learn and assist in electrical installations, maintenance, and repairs.
  3. Electrical Engineer – Design, develop, and test electrical systems and equipment.
  4. Electrical Designer – Design electrical systems for buildings and infrastructure.
  5. Electrical Apprentice – Learn and assist in electrical design, development, and testing.


  1. Environmental Scientist – Conduct research and advise on environmental issues.
  2. Environmental Engineer – Develop solutions for environmental problems.
  3. Environmental Compliance Specialist – Ensure compliance with environmental regulations.
  4. Environmental Planner – Plan and develop strategies for environmental conservation.
  5. Environmental Technician – Collect and analyze environmental data.


  1. Entrepreneur – Start and manage a business venture.
  2. Equity Research Analyst – Analyze and report on stocks and securities.
  3. Executive Assistant – Assist executives with administrative tasks and projects.
  4. Event Planner – Plan and coordinate events.
  5. Event Marketing Manager – Plan and execute marketing campaigns for events.


  1. Esthetician – Provide cosmetic services to clients.
  2. Exercise Physiologist – Assess and improve fitness and health through exercise.
  3. Endodontist – Diagnose and treat dental issues related to nerves and pulp.
  4. Ecologist – Study relationships between organisms and their environment.
  5. Echocardiographer – Use ultrasound technology to diagnose heart conditions.


  1. Executive Director – Manage and lead nonprofit organizations.
  2. Executive Recruiter – Recruit and hire top-level executives for companies.
  3. Executive Producer – Plan and oversee the production of movies, TV shows, and other media.
  4. Executive Chef – Plan and oversee food preparation and service in restaurants and other establishments.
  5. Executive Manager – Plan, direct, and coordinate organizational activities.


  1. Embryologist – Study embryos and reproductive cells.
  2. Epidemiology Researcher – Conduct research on patterns and causes of diseases and injuries.
  3. Environmental Microbiologist – Study microorganisms and their relationship to the environment.
  4. Environmental Geologist – Study geological aspects of the environment.
  5. Engineering Geologist – Study geological aspects of engineering projects.


  1. Event Coordinator – Assist in the planning and coordination of events.
  2. Equity Trader – Buy and sell stocks and securities on behalf of clients.
  3. E-Commerce Manager – Oversee the online sales and marketing operations of businesses.
  4. Event Marketing Coordinator – Assist in the planning and execution of marketing campaigns for events.
  5. Event Operations Manager – Plan and oversee the operational aspects of events.

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