Ready to Work? Jobs that Start with letter R

Looking for exciting and rewarding career options? Look no further than jobs that start with the letter R! From the high-flying world of aviation to the fast-paced environment of retail, there are plenty of opportunities to explore. Get ready to discover your dream career starting with R!

Careers that Start with Letter r

Now read these jobs name and their description. We designed our list of jobs by it’s category. So, you can browse easily and find your relevant job together.

Medical and Health

  • Radiographer: uses imaging technologies to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries.
  • Radiation Therapist: administers radiation treatment to cancer patients.
  • Registered Nurse: provides care and support to patients and helps coordinate patient care plans.
  • Respiratory Therapist: evaluates and treats patients with breathing disorders.
  • Rehabilitation Counselor: helps people with disabilities live independently and achieve their goals.

Education and Social Services

  • Reading Specialist: helps students improve their reading and literacy skills.
  • Real Estate Agent: helps clients buy, sell, and rent properties.
  • Receptionist: greets and directs visitors and clients, answers phone calls, and performs administrative tasks.
  • Recreation Worker: plans and leads activities for individuals and groups in a variety of settings.
  • Referee: enforces the rules of a sports game or event.
Jobs that Start with letter R
a real estate agent

Business and Finance

  • Real Estate Appraiser: estimates the value of properties for sale, insurance, or tax purposes.
  • Recruiter: finds and hires candidates for job openings.
  • Reporter: investigates and reports on news events for newspapers, TV, or online media.
  • Researcher: gathers and analyzes data and information to support business decisions.
  • Risk Manager: identifies and assesses potential risks to an organization and develops strategies to mitigate those risks.


  • Robotics Engineer: designs and builds robots and robotic systems.
  • Ruby Developer: writes, tests, and maintains code for web applications using the Ruby programming language.
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator: installs, configures, and maintains computer networks and systems.
  • React Developer: develops user interfaces for web applications using the React JavaScript library.
  • Remote Sensing Scientist: analyzes and interprets data from satellites and other remote sensing technologies.

Arts and Entertainment

  • Recording Engineer: operates and maintains audio equipment to record and mix music and other audio.
  • Reporter: investigates and reports on news events for newspapers, TV, or online media.
  • Roadie: sets up and tears down equipment for concerts and other live events.
  • Rigger: sets up and maintains equipment for stage productions, concerts, and other events.
  • Radio Host: plans and hosts radio shows, interviews guests, and plays music.

Trades and Manual Labor

  • Roofer: installs and repairs roofs on buildings and homes.
  • Railcar Repairer: inspects, maintains, and repairs railcars and locomotives.
  • Repair Technician: diagnoses and repairs issues with mechanical or electrical systems and equipment.
  • Restoration Technician: cleans and repairs damaged or deteriorating buildings and structures.
  • Refinery Operator: operates and maintains equipment used in the refining of petroleum products.


  • Research Scientist: conducts research and experiments to discover new knowledge in a specific field.
  • Robotics Engineer: designs and builds robots and robotic systems.
  • Remote Sensing Scientist: analyzes and interprets data from satellites and other remote sensing technologies.
  • R&D Chemist: conducts research and development in chemistry to create new products or improve existing ones.
  • Radiation Physicist: uses radiation to diagnose and treat medical conditions.


  • Real Estate Attorney: provides legal advice and representation to clients in real estate transactions.
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist: ensures that companies comply with laws and regulations in their industry.
  • Records Clerk: maintains and organizes legal and business documents for a law firm or other organization.
  • Real Estate Paralegal: assists attorneys in real estate transactions, including preparing legal documents and conducting research.
  • Risk Analyst: evaluates potential risks and liabilities for a company and develops strategies to mitigate those risks.

Retail and Sales Jobs

  1. Retail Manager – oversee the operations of a retail store
  2. Retail Sales Associate – assist customers with purchases in a retail store
  3. Regional Sales Manager – manage a team of sales representatives in a specific geographic area
  4. Real Estate Agent – help clients buy, sell, and rent properties
  5. Rental Sales Agent – rent out vehicles, equipment, or other items to customers
  6. Route Sales Representative – sell and distribute products to customers along a designated route
Ready to Work? Jobs that Start with letter R
illustration of a restaurant manager

Technology Jobs

  1. Software Developer – design and develop software applications
  2. Systems Administrator – maintain and troubleshoot computer systems and networks
  3. Security Analyst – analyze and improve the security of computer systems and networks
  4. Support Technician – assist users with technical issues and problems
  5. Scrum Master – facilitate agile development teams and ensure projects are completed on time
  6. Solutions Architect – design and develop IT solutions for organizations

Education and Social Services Jobs

  1. Registered Nurse – provide patient care in a variety of settings
  2. Reading Specialist – provide literacy instruction and support to students
  3. Research Assistant – assist with research projects and studies
  4. Recreation Therapist – use recreational activities to improve physical and mental health
  5. Rehabilitation Counselor – help individuals with disabilities achieve their goals
  6. Residential Counselor – provide support and care to individuals living in group homes or other residential settings

Engineering and Construction Jobs

  1. Civil Engineer – design and oversee construction of infrastructure projects
  2. Electrical Engineer – design and develop electrical systems and equipment
  3. Environmental Engineer – develop solutions to environmental problems
  4. Estimator – calculate the cost of construction projects
  5. Equipment Operator – operate heavy machinery and equipment
  6. Excavator Operator – operate heavy machinery to excavate and move earth

Finance and Accounting Jobs

  1. Financial Analyst – analyze financial data and provide recommendations to businesses and organizations
  2. Fundraiser – raise funds for nonprofit organizations and causes
  3. Forensic Accountant – investigate financial crimes and fraud
  4. Financial Advisor – provide financial advice and guidance to clients
  5. Fixed Income Analyst – analyze and evaluate fixed income securities
  6. Financial Manager – oversee the financial operations of a business or organization

Government and Public Service Jobs

  1. Regulatory Affairs Specialist – ensure that products comply with government regulations
  2. Revenue Agent – collect taxes and enforce tax laws
  3. Records Clerk – maintain and organize records for government agencies and organizations
  4. Refugee Resettlement Coordinator – assist refugees in resettling in a new country
  5. Rehabilitation Specialist – provide support and care to individuals with disabilities
  6. Research Scientist – conduct research in a variety of fields

Healthcare and Medical Jobs

  1. Radiologic Technologist – perform diagnostic imaging procedures
  2. Respiratory Therapist – help patients with breathing problems
  3. Registered Dietitian – provide nutrition counseling and education
  4. Registered Health Information Technician – maintain and manage patient health records
  5. Radiologist – interpret diagnostic imaging tests
  6. Rehabilitation Nurse – provide care and support to patients with disabilities

Hospitality and Tourism Jobs

  1. Restaurant Manager – oversee the operations of a restaurant
  2. Room Service Server – deliver food and beverages to hotel guests’ rooms
  3. Reservations Agent – assist customers with making travel reservations
  4. Recreation Attendant – provide support and assistance at recreational facilities
  5. Resort Manager – oversee the operations of a resort or vacation destination
  6. Room Attendant – clean and maintain hotel rooms.


What is a job that starts with R that requires creativity?

A job that requires creativity and starts with R is a role as a graphic designer or a multimedia artist.

What are some careers that start with R in the healthcare industry?

Radiologist, respiratory therapist, and registered nurse are some careers that start with R in the healthcare industry.

What are some high-paying jobs that start with R?

Some high-paying jobs that start with R include radiologist, rheumatologist, risk manager, and regional sales director.

What are some entry-level jobs that start with R?

Some entry-level jobs that start with R include receptionist, retail sales associate, and restaurant server.

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