List of MLB Teams by Payroll

See the latest and ultimate List of MLB Teams by Payroll. The baseball season is finally upon us and with that comes the annual quest to determine who will be crowned champions.

With teams vying for a spot at the top of the standings, payroll has become an important factor in deciding who will prevail.

In this article, we have compiled a list of MLB teams by payroll, so that you can keep track of who is spending the most money and who is not. Whether you are a baseball fan or not, this article is sure to be of interest!

List of MLB Teams by Payroll

By SalaryBy Alphabetical
Los Angeles Dodgers ($249 mil)Arizona Diamondbacks ($92.9 mil)
New York Yankees ($200.5 mil)Atlanta Braves ($140.8 mil)
Houston Astros ($192.3 mil)Baltimore Orioles ($57.1 mil)
New York Mets ($190.7 mil)Boston Red Sox ($175 mil)
Los Angeles Angels ($182.3 mil)Chicago Cubs ($152.5 mil)
Philadelphia Phillies ($182.2 mil)Chicago White Sox ($131 mil)
Boston Red Sox ($175 mil)Cincinnati Reds ($121.2 mil)
San Diego Padres ($173 mil)Cleveland Indians ($48.9 mil)
Washington Nationals ($170.4 mil)Colorado Rockies ($114.4 mil)
St. Louis Cardinals ($164.5 mil)Detroit Tigers ($80.9 mil)
San Francisco Giants ($153.8 mil)Houston Astros ($192.3 mil)
Chicago Cubs ($152.5 mil)Kansas City Royals ($90.6 mil)
Toronto Blue Jays ($141.8 mil)Los Angeles Angels ($182.3 mil)
Atlanta Braves ($140.8 mil)Los Angeles Dodgers ($249 mil)
Chicago White Sox ($131 mil)Miami Marlins ($60.1 mil)
Minnesota Twins ($125.6 mil)Milwaukee Brewers ($92 mil)
Cincinnati Reds ($121.2 mil)Minnesota Twins ($125.6 mil)
Colorado Rockies ($114.4 mil)New York Mets ($190.7 mil)
Arizona Diamondbacks ($92.9 mil)New York Yankees ($200.5 mil)
Texas Rangers ($92.2 mil)Oakland A’s ($85.6 mil)
Milwaukee Brewers ($92 mil)Philadelphia Phillies ($182.2 mil)
Kansas City Royals ($90.6 mil)Pittsburgh Pirates ($54.9 mil)
Oakland A’s ($85.6 mil)San Diego Padres ($173 mil)
Detroit Tigers ($80.9 mil)San Francisco Giants ($153.8 mil)
Seattle Mariners ($78.3 mil)Seattle Mariners ($78.3 mil)
Tampa Bay Rays ($70.2 mil)St. Louis Cardinals ($164.5 mil)
Miami Marlins ($60.1 mil)Tampa Bay Rays ($70.2 mil)
Baltimore Orioles ($57.1 mil)Texas Rangers ($92.2 mil)
Pittsburgh Pirates ($54.9 mil)Toronto Blue Jays ($141.8 mil)
Cleveland Indians ($48.9 mil)Washington Nationals ($170.4 mil)
List of MLB Teams by Payroll

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