Pop Music Definition & History

You are looking for a Definition of Pop Music. When people hear the word “music”, what comes to mind? For many, it is the soothing tones of an orchestra playing classical music or a live concert. Others may recall the sound of rap or rock, or maybe a memorable pop song from their childhood.

The truth is, the world has always been accompanied by the sounds of music; from songs sung by ancient bards, to the gentle chimes of a church bell or the laughter of children playing in the yard.

Pop Music History

In the world of pop music, there are many different genres, some popular, others not so much, but there is one that is so widespread and popular, that it is almost impossible to ignore, and that is pop music.

Pop music is that genre of music that is so mainstream and generally recognized, that it has become an essential part of our modern culture.

definition of pop music

Pop songs originated in the early 20th century, and since then, have become more and more popular, and now are considered mainstream.

Pop could be described as what the general public considers popular, but to the people in certain elite circles or those who are part of the music industry, it might be considered as a more specialized form of music.

pop music definition

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