❥ Heavy Black Heart Emoji Meanings – Copy and Paste, Combo

Unlock the secrets of the ❥ Heavy Black Heart emoji, where emotions run deeper than the deepest oceans. Dive into a world where a simple symbol encapsulates love, passion, and a touch of drama.

❥ Emoji Meaning

The Heavy Black Heart emoji is a classic. It’s the digital heartbeat of affection, the go-to for expressing love. Whether it’s the love for a person, a passion for pizza, or even the love-hate relationship with Monday mornings, this emoji has got you covered.

  • Romantic Love: “Just saw you and my heart did that ❥ thing again.”
  • Family Affection: “Family reunion! Feeling all the ❥ vibes.”
  • Passion for Hobbies: “Just finished my painting, and I’m all ❥ about it!”
  • Support and Solidarity: “You got this! Sending ❥ your way.”

Combinations with ❥ Emoji

  • Love Letter: ❥✉️ – “Got your ❥✉️, feeling like a lovestruck teenager!”
  • Heartbreak: ❥💔 – “Listening to breakup songs and it’s all ❥💔 tonight.”
  • Love is in the Air: ❥💨 – “Walked by the bakery and it’s ❥💨 with the smell of fresh bread.”
  • Heartfelt Music: ❥🎶 – “This song is all ❥🎶, can’t stop playing it on repeat.”
  • Romantic Dinner: ❥🍷 – “Date night at home, cooking up some ❥🍷 vibes.”
  • Love for Nature: ❥🌳 – “Hiking through the woods, feeling that ❥🌳 connection.”
  • Fitness Love: ❥🏋️‍♂️ – “Hit a new PR at the gym, and I’m all ❥🏋️‍♂️ about it!”
  • Bookworm Affection: ❥📚 – “Curled up with a good book, it’s a ❥📚 kind of evening.”
  • Movie Night: ❥🍿 – “Horror movie marathon? Count me in for some ❥🍿 moments.”
  • Pet Love: ❥🐾 – “My dog just learned a new trick, feeling so ❥🐾 proud!”

Emoji History

The ❥ emoji has been fluttering across screens since its inception, evolving from a textual emoticon to a full-fledged symbol of affection. It’s a digital heirloom that’s been passed down through various platforms, each adding their own twist to this heartwarming glyph.

Emoji General Information

Full NameHeavy Black Heart Emoji
Unicode NameU+2764
Apple NameHeart
Also Known AsBlack Heart
Unicode (fully-qualified)U+2764 U+FE0F
Unicode Version1.1

Emoji Encoding Data (Code)

Shortcode (GitHub, Slack, Discord):heart:
“C, C++ & Python”\u2764
“Java, JavaScript & JSON”\u2764
PHP & Ruby\u{2764}
URL Escape Code%E2%9D%A4
UTF-8 Encoding:E2 9D A4
UTF-16 Encoding:2764
UTF-32 Encoding:00002764

Relevant Emojis

💘Heart with ArrowSymbolizes being struck by love
💝Heart with RibbonRepresents a gift of love
💖Sparkling HeartConveys affection with sparkle
💗Growing HeartShows increasing love or affection
💓Beating HeartIllustrates a beating heart
💞Revolving HeartsDepicts love is all around
💕Two HeartsSignifies shared love or affection
💟Heart DecorationUsed to decorate expressions of love
❤️‍🔥Heart on FireRepresents burning passion
❤️‍🩹Mending HeartSymbolizes healing from heartbreak

Embrace the ❥ Heavy Black Heart emoji and let your heart speak volumes. Whether it’s a message of love, a tweet of support, or a caption for your latest Instagram post, this emoji adds that extra sprinkle of affection that words alone can’t convey. So go ahead, let your heart do the talking!

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