♥️ Black Heart Suit Emoji Meanings – Copy and Paste, Combo


Dive into the depths of the ♥️ Black Heart Suit Emoji, where emotions run as deep as the darkest oceans. It’s not just a symbol; it’s a statement.

♥️ Emoji Meaning

The ♥️ Black Heart Suit is more than meets the eye. It represents a range of emotions and concepts, from the mystique of the unknown to sorrowful love. It’s the go-to for expressing a love that’s survived hardships, or for when you’re feeling a bit rebellious and want to show your edgier side. Examples include:

  • “I’ve been through a lot, but my ♥️ is still strong.”
  • “Rocking this leather jacket with my ♥️ on my sleeve.”
  • “In memory of my hero, forever in my ♥️.”

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Combinations with ♥️ Emoji

  • ♥️🖤 Dark Love: For that goth-inspired romance.
  • ♥️✨ Magic in the Darkness: Finding wonder in the gloomy.
  • ♥️🎶 Melancholic Melodies: The playlist for your brooding soul.
  • ♥️🌌 Cosmic Affection: Love that transcends the stars.
  • ♥️🍷 A Toast to Solitude: Cherishing your own company.
  • ♥️🔥 Passionate Fury: Love that burns with intensity.
  • ♥️💼 Professional with a Twist: Business attire with a personal touch.
  • ♥️📚 Gothic Literature: Immersing in tales of the macabre.
  • ♥️🐉 Dragonheart: Courageous and fierce.
  • ♥️🌹 Thorny Romance: Beauty amidst the pain.

Emoji History

The ♥️ Black Heart Suit Emoji first fluttered into our digital lives with Unicode 1.1 in 1993. It was a symbol borrowed from the classic card suits but quickly took on a life of its own in the emoji universe, evolving into an icon of depth and complexity.

Black Heart suit Emoji Meaning

Emoji General Information

Full NameBlack Heart Suit Emoji
Unicode NameU+2665
Apple NameBlack Heart
Also Known AsDark Heart
Unicode (fully-qualified)U+2665 U+FE0F
Unicode Version1.1

Emoji Encoding Data (Code)

Shortcode (GitHub, Slack, Discord):heart:
“C, C++ & Python”\u2665
“Java, JavaScript & JSON”\u2665
PHP & Ruby\u{2665}
URL Escape Code%E2%99%A5
UTF-8 Encoding:E2 99 A5
UTF-16 Encoding:26 65
UTF-32 Encoding:00 00 26 65
Black Heart suit emoji

Relevant Emojis

🖤Black HeartRepresents sorrow or dark humor.
💔Broken HeartSymbolizes heartbreak or loss.
💜Purple HeartConveys compassion or love.
💙Blue HeartOften used for friendship.

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