Engineering Jobs that Start with S : Surprising Careers!

Step up your career game with the sleekest engineering roles starting with ‘S’! 🛠️ Spark your potential and seize the chance to shape the future. From savvy software engineers to skilled structural experts, find the perfect ‘S’ position that screams success. Don’t settle for less – snag that dream job today! 🔍💼

Engineers that Start with S

Engineering Jobs that Start with S : Surprising Careers!
  1. Systems Designer
  2. Systems Test Technician
  3. System Validation Engineer
  4. System Safety Engineer
  5. System Hardware Engineer
  6. System Design Engineer
  7. Sustaining Engineer
  8. Surveyor Rod Helper
  9. Surveyor Instrument Assistant
  10. Surveyor Helper
  11. Surveyor
  12. Survey Rodman
  13. Survey Project Manager
  14. Survey Party Chief
  15. Survey Manager
  16. Survey Engineer
  17. Survey Director
  18. Survey Crew Member
  19. Survey Crew Chief
  20. Surfacing Technician
  21. Surface Water Manager
  22. Supply Chain Engineer
  23. Supplier Quality Engineer
  24. Supplier Development Engineer
  25. Supervisory Civil Engineer
  26. Supervisor, Manufacturing Engineer
  27. Substations Electrical Engineer
  28. Student Engineer
  29. Structures Engineer
  30. Structural Test Engineer
  31. Structural Steel Engineer
  32. Structural Engineering Technician
  33. Structural Engineering Internship
  34. Structural Drafter
  35. Structural Designer
  36. Structural Design Engineer
  37. Structural Architect
  38. Structural Analysis Engineer
  39. Stress Engineer
  40. Stress Analyst
  41. Street Engineer
  42. Statistical Engineer
  43. Start-Up Engineer
  44. Standards Engineer
  45. Staking Technician
  46. Staff Process Engineer
  47. Staff Mechanical Engineer
  48. Staff Field Engineer
  49. Staff Engineer
  50. Staff Electrical Engineer
  51. Staff Design Engineer
  52. Staff Architect
  53. Specialist Field Engineer
  54. Special Project Engineer
  55. Spacecraft Systems Engineer
  56. Space Engineer
  57. Solid Waste Engineer
  58. Solar Systems Designer
  59. Solar Project Engineer
  60. Solar Process Engineer
  61. Solar Engineer
  62. Solar Designer
  63. Solar Design Engineer
  64. Smart Grid Engineer
  65. Site Safety Manager
  66. Site Engineer
  67. Simulation Engineer
  68. Signal Engineer
  69. Shoe Lay-Out Planner
  70. Service Mechanical Technician

Engineering offers a vast array of opportunities, and careers starting with the letter “S” are both diverse and essential. Let’s delve into some of these captivating roles:

Systems Designer

Systems Designers specialize in creating and integrating complex systems. Your role involves analyzing requirements, designing system architectures, and ensuring that all components work together seamlessly to meet project objectives.

Systems Test Technician

Systems Test Technicians play a crucial role in validating the functionality and performance of systems. Your responsibilities may include setting up test environments, executing test procedures, and documenting test results to ensure the quality and reliability of products.

System Validation Engineer

System Validation Engineers are responsible for verifying and validating system designs to ensure they meet specified requirements. Your role involves developing test plans, conducting tests, and analyzing results to identify and address potential issues.

System Safety Engineer

System Safety Engineers focus on identifying and mitigating risks associated with engineering systems. Your responsibilities may include conducting safety assessments, developing safety requirements, and implementing measures to enhance system safety and reliability.

System Hardware Engineer

System Hardware Engineers specialize in designing and developing hardware components for electronic systems. Your role involves selecting components, designing circuitry, and testing hardware to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

System Design Engineer

System Design Engineers are responsible for designing and developing complex engineering systems. Your duties may include conceptualizing system architectures, specifying components, and integrating subsystems to achieve desired functionality.

Sustaining Engineer

Sustaining Engineers focus on maintaining and improving existing products or systems throughout their lifecycle. Your responsibilities may include troubleshooting issues, implementing design changes, and ensuring product performance and reliability.


Surveyors play a vital role in measuring and mapping the Earth’s surface. Your duties may include using advanced equipment to establish boundaries, determine land elevations, and create accurate maps for construction, land development, and other purposes.

Structural Engineer

Structural Engineers specialize in designing and analyzing structures to ensure they can withstand loads and environmental conditions. Your role involves calculating structural loads, selecting materials, and designing components to ensure structural integrity and safety.

Stress Engineer/Stress Analyst

Stress Engineers or Stress Analysts assess the mechanical stress and strain on engineering components and systems. Your responsibilities may include performing stress analyses, optimizing designs, and ensuring that structures meet safety and performance requirements.

Solar Engineer/Solar Systems Designer

Solar Engineers and Solar Systems Designers focus on developing solar energy systems. Your role involves designing solar panel layouts, optimizing system performance, and ensuring efficient energy generation from sunlight.

Smart Grid Engineer

Smart Grid Engineers specialize in designing and implementing advanced electrical grid systems. Your responsibilities may include integrating renewable energy sources, implementing grid automation technologies, and optimizing grid performance and reliability.

Site Engineer

Site Engineers oversee construction projects at the worksite. Your duties may include managing construction activities, coordinating subcontractors, and ensuring that work is carried out according to specifications and safety standards.

Statistical Engineer

Statistical Engineers apply statistical methods and techniques to engineering problems. Your role involves analyzing data, identifying patterns, and using statistical models to optimize processes and improve product quality.

Structural Drafter/Structural Designer/Structural Design Engineer

Whether you’re a Structural Drafter, Designer, or Design Engineer, your focus is on creating detailed drawings and plans for structural projects. Your responsibilities may include translating engineering designs into technical drawings, specifying materials, and ensuring compliance with building codes and regulations.

Spacecraft Systems Engineer/Space Engineer

Spacecraft Systems Engineers and Space Engineers are involved in designing and developing spacecraft and related systems. Your role may include defining mission requirements, designing spacecraft subsystems, and ensuring mission success in the challenging environment of space.

Solid Waste Engineer

Solid Waste Engineers specialize in managing and optimizing solid waste management systems. Your responsibilities may include designing waste treatment facilities, implementing recycling programs, and minimizing environmental impacts associated with solid waste disposal.

Supplier Quality Engineer/Supplier Development Engineer

Supplier Quality Engineers and Supplier Development Engineers work with suppliers to ensure the quality and reliability of purchased components and materials. Your role involves assessing supplier capabilities, implementing quality control measures, and driving continuous improvement initiatives.

Staff Engineer/Staff Mechanical Engineer/Staff Electrical Engineer/Staff Design Engineer

Whether you’re a Staff Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, or Design Engineer, you provide expertise and leadership in your area of specialization. Your responsibilities may include leading engineering teams, providing technical guidance, and contributing to strategic decision-making.

Special Project Engineer

Special Project Engineers lead and manage specific engineering projects that require specialized expertise or focus. Your role involves defining project objectives, coordinating resources, and ensuring successful project execution to achieve desired outcomes.

Solar Project Engineer/Solar Process Engineer

Solar Project Engineers and Solar Process Engineers oversee solar energy projects from conception to completion. Your responsibilities may include project planning, system design, permitting, and coordination with stakeholders to ensure project success.

Standards Engineer

Standards Engineers are involved in developing and implementing technical standards and specifications. Your role may include participating in standardization committees, conducting research, and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Staking Technician

Staking Technicians assist surveyors in marking land boundaries and construction sites. Your duties may include setting stakes, recording measurements, and providing support for surveying activities.

Start-Up Engineer

Start-Up Engineers are responsible for commissioning and testing new systems or equipment. Your role involves ensuring that installations operate as intended, troubleshooting issues, and providing training to personnel for successful system operation.

Street Engineer

Street Engineers are involved in designing and maintaining urban road networks. Your responsibilities may include road planning, traffic management, and infrastructure maintenance to ensure safe and efficient transportation within urban areas.

Structural Steel Engineer

Structural Steel Engineers specialize in designing steel structures for buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure projects. Your role involves analyzing structural loads, selecting steel components, and ensuring that designs meet safety and performance requirements.

Structural Analysis Engineer

Structural Analysis Engineers use advanced computational techniques to analyze the behavior of structures under various loads and conditions. Your responsibilities may include performing finite element analyses, assessing structural integrity, and optimizing designs for performance and safety.

Engineering Jobs that Start with S

  1. Service Engineer
  2. Senior Validation Specialist
  3. Senior Validation Engineer
  4. Senior Tooling Engineer
  5. Senior Test Technician
  6. Senior Test Development Engineer
  7. Senior Telecommunications Engineer
  8. Senior Technical Designer
  9. Senior Supplier Quality Engineer
  10. Senior Structural Engineer
  11. Senior Structural Designer
  12. Senior Staff Engineer
  13. Senior Stack Engineer
  14. Senior Service Engineer
  15. Senior Safety Engineer
  16. Senior Research Engineer
  17. Senior Research And Development Technician
  18. Senior Reliability Engineer
  19. Senior Quality Specialists
  20. Senior Quality Engineer
  21. Senior Quality Control Technician
  22. Senior Quality Control Engineer
  23. Senior Quality Assurance Technician
  24. Senior Project Engineer
  25. Senior Production Technician
  26. Senior Production Engineer
  27. Senior Product Integrity Engineer
  28. Senior Product Engineer
  29. Senior Product Development Engineer
  30. Senior Product Designer
  31. Senior Product Design Engineer
  32. Senior Process Technician
  33. Senior Process Engineering Technician
  34. Senior Process Engineer
  35. Senior Process Control Engineer
  36. Senior Process And Quality Engineer
  37. Senior Principle Engineer
  38. Senior Principal Engineer
  39. Senior Piping Designer
  40. Senior PCB Designer
  41. Senior Packaging Engineer
  42. Senior Optical Engineer
  43. Senior Operations Technician
  44. Senior Mechanical Technician
  45. Senior Mechanical Project Engineer
  46. Senior Mechanical Engineer
  47. Senior Mechanical Designer
  48. Senior Materials Engineer
  49. Senior Manufacturing Test Engineer
  50. Senior Manufacturing Technician
  51. Senior Manufacturing Specialist
  52. Senior Manufacturing Project Engineer
  53. Senior Manufacturing Process Engineer
  54. Senior Manufacturing Engineer
  55. Senior Manufacturing Associate
  56. Senior Maintenance Engineer
  57. Senior Lead Project Engineer
  58. Senior Landscape Architect
  59. Senior Integration Engineer
  60. Senior Instrumentation Engineer
  61. Senior Instrumentation And Control Engineer
  62. Senior Instrument Technician
  63. Senior Industrial Engineer
  64. Senior Implementation Engineer
  65. Senior Hardware Engineer
  66. Senior Fire Protection Engineer
  67. Senior Field Service Engineer
  68. Senior Field Engineer
  69. Senior Facilities Engineer
  70. Senior Equipment Technician
  71. Senior Environmental Engineer
  72. Senior Engineering Technician
  73. Senior Engineer/Scientist
  74. Senior Engineer.
  75. Senior Electronics Technician
  76. Senior Electronics Design Engineer
  77. Senior Electronic Test Technician
  78. Senior Electronic Engineering Technician
  79. Senior Electronic Engineer
  80. Senior Electro-Mechanical Technician
  81. Senior Electrical Technician
  82. Senior Electrical Engineer
  83. Senior Electrical Designer
  84. Senior Electrical Design Engineer
  85. Senior Drafter
  86. Senior Digital Design Engineer
  87. Senior Device Engineer
  88. Senior Development Engineer
  89. Senior Design Specialist
  90. Senior Design Project
  91. Senior Design Engineering Specialist
  92. Senior Design Engineer
  93. Senior Design Drafter
  94. Senior Customer Engineer
  95. Senior Cost Engineer
  96. Senior Controls Engineer
  97. Senior Control Systems Engineer
  98. Senior Computer Engineer
  99. Senior Component Engineer
  100. Senior Civil Engineer
  101. Senior Chemical Engineer
  102. Senior Biomedical Technician
  103. Senior Architectural Designer
  104. Senior Architect/Design Manager
  105. Senior Architect
  106. Senior Applications Engineer
  107. Senior Analysis Specialist
  108. Senior Advisory
  109. Semiconductor Manufacturing Technician
  110. Semiconductor Engineer
  111. Semiconductor Development Technician
  112. Seismic Engineer
  113. School Plant Consultant
  114. Scada Technician
  115. Safety Supervisor
  116. Safety Manager
  117. Safety Engineer
  118. Safety Director
  119. Safety Consultant
  120. Safety Compliance Engineer
  121. Safety And Training Manager.

Engineering Careers that Start with The Letter S

Follow the below lists of description.

Systems Test Technician

The systems test technician is the person who designs, builds, tests and maintains electronic systems.

Systems Test Technician (STT) is a highly technical role, being required to understand and troubleshoot complex systems with a variety of components.

This requires a good knowledge of electronics, computer hardware, software and the ability to troubleshoot problems using either standard or specialist test equipment.

Systems Designer

Systems designer is a full-time job that requires one to be a master of all that is information technology. They have to be a jack of all trades and master of most. As a Systems designer, you must have a knack for technology and be a chameleon.

Engineering Jobs that Start with S

You must have the ability to adapt and thrive in a changing environment. You must be a creative problem solver and have the ability to make quick calls to make necessary changes. These are just a few examples of the many skills that a Systems designer must have.

Staff Field Engineer

Staff Field Engineers are the people who support the efforts of the IT department by implementing and supporting field-based solutions for our clients.

As the title of the blog suggests, I’ll be writing about this awesome job, my experiences, and how I got into this field. If you’re interested in learning more, come join me as I explore this career.

Structures Engineer

Structures Engineer is the term used to refer to a person who is interested in and has a general understanding of the design of buildings, sometimes referred to as the building trades.

Structures Engineering is concerned with the structural aspects of buildings, with engineers having to understand how materials react to loads in the environment and how they can be used to achieve a desired outcome.

Structures engineers must understand loads, material properties, manufacturing processes and design codes in order to develop and verify design models. They produce plans and specifications for construction of buildings, bridges, and other structures.

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