Letter X: Engineer Jobs that Start with X

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See the list of Engineer Jobs that Start with X letter and also these jobs definations.

What Engineer careers start with x

  • X-ray Engineer
  • Xerographer
Engineer Jobs that Start with X

X-ray Engineer

X-ray Engineer is the career field of individuals who work to develop and apply the science of x-rays in various fields. Although most of the work of an X-ray Engineer involves solving problems and developing applications for x-ray applications, the work is often challenging and contributes to the advancement of science and technology in several fields.


There are as many ways to describe a Xerographer as there are people who make a living doing it. A Xerographer, in the broadest sense, is someone who captures images on a camera, whether it be a traditional film camera, a digital camera, or a point-and-shoot. The term is also used to describe those who work in the film, television, and photography industries.

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