Engineering Career Start with Letter ‘P’ : Pursue Your Passion!

Kickstart your journey in the engineering realm where possibilities are as vast as your imagination! Propel your Engineering future with a career that begins with β€˜P’ – think projects, passion, and progress. πŸš€

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Engineering Jobs Start with Letter P

Engineering Career Start with Letter P – (Pursue Your Passion)
a product design engineer
  1. Packaging Engineer
  2. Party Chief
  3. PCB Designer
  4. Performance System Engineer
  5. Petroleum Engineer
  6. Pharmaceutical Engineer
  7. Pharmaceutical Process Engineer
  8. Photogrammetric Technician
  9. Photogrammetrist
  10. Photonics Engineer
  11. Photonics Engineering Technician
  12. Piping Designer
  13. Piping Engineer
  14. Piping/Mechanical Designer
  15. Plan Service Engineer
  16. Planning Engineer
  17. Plant Equipment Engineer
  18. Plant Facilities Technician
  19. Plant Safety Engineer
  20. Plastics Engineer
  21. Plumbing Designer
  22. Plating Engineer
  23. Plumbing Drafter
  24. Pollution Control Engineer
  25. Port Engineer
  26. Power Distribution Engineer
  27. Power Generation Engineer
  28. Power Shovel Engineer
  29. Power Transmission Engineer
  30. Predictive Maintenance Specialist
  31. President Ergonomic Consulting
  32. Principal Consulting Engineer
  33. Principal Design Engineer
  34. Principal Electrical Engineer
  35. Principal Engineer
  36. Principal Hardware Engineer
  37. Principal Manufacturing Engineer
  38. Principal Mechanical Engineer
  39. Principal Process Engineer
  40. Principal Project Engineer
  41. Principal Quality Engineer
  42. Principal, Architectural Firm
  43. Principle Engineer
  44. Printed Circuit Designer
  45. Process & Automation Engineer
  46. Process Control Engineer
  47. Process Control Technician
  48. Process Design Engineer
  49. Process Development
  50. Process Development Associate
  51. Process Development Engineer
  52. Process Development Technician
  53. Process Engineer
  54. Process Engineer Lead
  55. Process Engineer, Applications Engineer
  56. Process Engineering Technician
  57. Process Improvement Engineer
  58. Process Safety Engineer
  59. Process Technician
  60. Process Technician Lead
  61. Process/Product Engineer
  62. Procurement Engineer
  63. Product Assurance Engineer
  64. Product Design Engineer
  65. Product Development Engineer
  66. Product Development Technician
  67. Product Engineer
  68. Product Engineering Technician
  69. Product Quality Engineer
  70. Product Safety Coordinator
  71. Product Safety Engineer
  72. Product Safety Manager
  73. Product Support Engineer
  74. Product Technician
  75. Product/Project Engineer
  76. Production Control Analyst
  77. Production Engineer
  78. Production Engineering Technician
  79. Production Expert
  80. Production Line Technician
  81. Production Operations Technician
  82. Production Technician
  83. Production Test Technician
  84. Production Tool Engineer
  85. Products Mechanical Design Engineer
  86. Professional Engineer
  87. Professional Land Surveyor
  88. Professional Surveyor
  89. Program Safety Manager
  90. Programmable Logic Controller Programmer
  91. Programming Engineer
  92. Project and Design Lead
  93. Project Architect
  94. Project Controls Engineer
  95. Project Designer, Transmission and Distribution Engineering
  96. Project Development Engineer
  97. Project Engineer
  98. Project Engineer Consultant
  99. Project Engineer Internship
  100. Project Field Engineer
  101. Project Landscape Architect
  102. Project Lead Engineer
  103. Project Management Engineer
  104. Project Manager/Senior Project Engineer
  105. Project Manager-Process Development
  106. Project Production Engineer
  107. Project Safety Manager
  108. Propulsion Engineer
  109. Propulsion Systems Engineer
  110. Protection Engineer
  111. Prototype Technician
  112. Provisioning Engineer
  113. Public Health Engineer
  114. PV Design Engineer.

Engineering is a realm filled with diverse opportunities, and careers starting with the letter “P” are no exception. Let’s dive into some intriguing engineering roles:

Packaging Engineer

As a Packaging Engineer, you’ll be responsible for designing and developing packaging solutions that protect products during transportation, storage, and distribution. Your role involves balancing factors such as product safety, cost efficiency, and environmental sustainability to create effective packaging designs.

Party Chief

Party Chiefs lead surveying teams in various projects, ensuring accurate data collection and measurement. Your responsibilities include planning survey activities, managing equipment, and overseeing survey crews to achieve project objectives with precision.

PCB Designer

PCB Designers specialize in creating printed circuit board (PCB) layouts for electronic devices. Your role involves translating schematic diagrams into physical PCB designs, considering factors like signal integrity, thermal management, and manufacturability.

Performance System Engineer

Performance System Engineers focus on optimizing the performance of complex systems, such as automotive engines or computer networks. Your responsibilities include analyzing system behavior, identifying performance bottlenecks, and implementing solutions to enhance efficiency and reliability.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineers play a key role in the exploration, extraction, and production of oil and gas resources. Your expertise in reservoir engineering, drilling techniques, and production processes contributes to the efficient and sustainable extraction of hydrocarbon reserves.

Pharmaceutical Engineer

Pharmaceutical Engineers work in the pharmaceutical industry, developing processes and technologies for the production of drugs and medical products. Your role involves ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, optimizing manufacturing processes, and improving product quality and efficiency.

Pharmaceutical Process Engineer

Pharmaceutical Process Engineers focus on optimizing the manufacturing processes involved in pharmaceutical production. Your responsibilities include designing and implementing manufacturing processes, conducting process validation studies, and troubleshooting production issues to ensure quality and efficiency.

Photogrammetric Technician/Photogrammetrist

Photogrammetric Technicians and Photogrammetrists use aerial and satellite imagery to create maps, models, and spatial data for various applications. Your role involves processing and analyzing remote sensing data, generating accurate maps, and supporting projects in fields such as urban planning, environmental monitoring, and land surveying.

Photonics Engineer/Photonics Engineering Technician

Photonics Engineers and Photonics Engineering Technicians work with technologies that manipulate light for applications in communications, imaging, and sensing. Your role may involve designing optical components, testing photonic devices, and developing innovative solutions for diverse industries.

Piping Designer/Piping Engineer/Piping/Mechanical Designer

Piping Designers, Piping Engineers, and Piping/Mechanical Designers are involved in the design and layout of piping systems for industrial facilities. Your responsibilities include creating detailed piping drawings, selecting materials, and ensuring compliance with codes and standards to facilitate efficient fluid transport within plants and facilities.

Plan Service Engineer

Plan Service Engineers provide technical support and expertise for construction projects, assisting with project planning, design, and implementation. Your role involves reviewing project plans, identifying engineering requirements, and coordinating with project teams to ensure successful project execution.

Planning Engineer

Planning Engineers are responsible for developing project schedules, resource plans, and progress reports to support project management efforts. Your role involves analyzing project requirements, identifying critical path activities, and optimizing project timelines to achieve project objectives efficiently.

Plant Equipment Engineer/Plant Facilities Technician/Plant Safety Engineer

Plant Equipment Engineers, Plant Facilities Technicians, and Plant Safety Engineers work together to ensure the reliable and safe operation of industrial plants and facilities. Your responsibilities may include maintaining equipment, implementing safety protocols, and optimizing facility layouts to enhance productivity and safety standards.

Plastics Engineer

Plastics Engineers specialize in the design, processing, and manufacturing of plastic materials and products. Your role involves developing plastic formulations, designing injection molding processes, and optimizing product performance and quality for various applications.

Plumbing Designer/Plumbing Drafter

Plumbing Designers and Plumbing Drafters create detailed plans and drawings for plumbing systems in buildings and facilities. Your role involves designing pipe layouts, specifying plumbing fixtures, and ensuring compliance with building codes and regulations to facilitate efficient water distribution and drainage.

Plating Engineer

Plating Engineers are responsible for electroplating processes used to apply thin layers of metal onto surfaces for functional or decorative purposes. Your role involves optimizing plating processes, ensuring quality control, and addressing environmental and safety considerations in plating operations.

Pollution Control Engineer

Pollution Control Engineers develop and implement strategies to minimize environmental pollution and mitigate its impact on ecosystems and human health. Your responsibilities may include designing pollution control systems, conducting environmental assessments, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Port Engineer

Port Engineers oversee the maintenance, repair, and operation of marine vessels and port facilities. Your role involves coordinating maintenance activities, managing vessel inspections, and ensuring compliance with maritime regulations to support safe and efficient port operations.

Power Distribution Engineer/Power Generation Engineer/Power Shovel Engineer/Power Transmission Engineer

Power Distribution Engineers, Power Generation Engineers, Power Shovel Engineers, and Power Transmission Engineers are involved in various aspects of electrical power systems. Your responsibilities may include designing distribution networks, optimizing power generation processes, overseeing heavy equipment operations, or managing transmission infrastructure to ensure reliable and efficient power supply.

Predictive Maintenance Specialist

Predictive Maintenance Specialists utilize data analysis and predictive modeling techniques to anticipate equipment failures and optimize maintenance schedules. Your role involves implementing condition monitoring programs, analyzing equipment performance data, and recommending maintenance actions to minimize downtime and maximize asset reliability.

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