Engineering Jobs that Start with ‘R’ : Rise to the Top!

Discover the diverse world of engineering careers that start with R. From Robotics Engineer to Risk Engineer, learn about their main duties, and demands in the current job market. Explore your options and find your passion in the engineering field.

Engineers that Start with R

Engineering Jobs that Start with ‘R’ : Rise to the Top!
A Road Design Engineer in modern office
  • Rural Electrification Engineer
  • Roller Coaster Engineer
  • Roller Coaster Designer
  • Rodman
  • Robotics Systems Engineer
  • Robotics Specialist
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Robotics Application Engineer
  • Robot Technician
  • Road Engineer
  • Road Design Engineer
  • Risk Prevention Engineer
  • Risk Control Director
  • Rig Site Engineer
  • Rework Technician
  • Railway Engineer
  • Restoration Technician
  • Resource Recovery Engineer
  • Resident Engineer
  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Research Mechanic
  • Research Engineer
  • Research And Development Senior Engineer
  • Research And Development Engineer
  • Representative Projects
  • Renewable Energy Engineer
  • Renewable Energy Consultant
  • Remotely Piloted Vehicle Engineering Technician.
  • Reliability Technician
  • Reliability Engineer
  • Relay Engineer
  • Registered Surveyor
  • Registered Safety Engineer
  • Registered Land Surveyor
  • Regional Safety Manager
  • Refrigeration Engineer
  • Refining Engineer
  • Refinery Process Engineer
  • Reactor Engineer
  • Radiological Engineer
  • Radio Frequency Engineer Lead
  • Radio Frequency Engineer
  • Radio Engineer
  • Radiation Officer
  • Radiation Engineer
  • Radar Engineer.
Engineering Careers that start with the letter R
A rural electrification engineer in a 1960s era office

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Engineering is a dynamic field with diverse opportunities, and careers starting with the letter “R” are no exception. Let’s delve into some fascinating roles in this domain:

Rural Electrification Engineer

As a Rural Electrification Engineer, you’ll be instrumental in bringing electricity to rural communities. Your role involves designing and implementing electrification projects, selecting appropriate technologies, and ensuring sustainable energy access for remote areas.

Roller Coaster Engineer/Roller Coaster Designer

Roller Coaster Engineers and Designers specialize in creating thrilling amusement park rides. Your responsibilities may include designing ride layouts, calculating forces and velocities, and ensuring safety standards are met to deliver exhilarating yet safe experiences for riders.


Rodmen assist surveyors in measuring and marking land boundaries and construction sites. Your duties may include holding surveying equipment, placing markers, and recording data to support accurate land surveys and construction projects.

Robotics Systems Engineer/Robotics Specialist/Robotics Engineer/Robotics Application Engineer

Whether you’re a Robotics Systems Engineer, Specialist, Engineer, or Application Engineer, your focus is on designing, developing, and implementing robotic systems for various applications. Your expertise spans mechanical design, sensor integration, software development, and system integration to create efficient and versatile robotic solutions.

Robot Technician

Robot Technicians specialize in maintaining, repairing, and troubleshooting robotic systems. Your role involves diagnosing mechanical and electrical issues, performing routine maintenance tasks, and ensuring optimal performance and uptime for robotic equipment.

Road Engineer/Road Design Engineer

Road Engineers and Road Design Engineers are involved in planning, designing, and supervising the construction of road infrastructure. Your responsibilities include analyzing traffic patterns, determining road alignments, and optimizing road designs for safety and efficiency.

Risk Prevention Engineer/Risk Control Director

Risk Prevention Engineers and Risk Control Directors focus on identifying and mitigating potential hazards in engineering projects and operations. Your role involves developing risk management strategies, implementing safety protocols, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards to prevent accidents and protect personnel and assets.

Rig Site Engineer

Rig Site Engineers oversee drilling operations at oil and gas rig sites. Your duties may include monitoring drilling parameters, coordinating equipment deployment, and troubleshooting technical issues to ensure safe and efficient drilling operations.

Rework Technician

Rework Technicians specialize in repairing and modifying defective or non-conforming products. Your role involves analyzing product defects, implementing corrective actions, and ensuring that reworked products meet quality standards before being reintroduced into the production process.

Railway Engineer

Railway Engineers are involved in the design, construction, and maintenance of railway infrastructure. Your responsibilities may include planning track layouts, specifying materials, and optimizing railway systems for safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Restoration Technician

Restoration Technicians specialize in restoring and preserving historical or damaged structures and artifacts. Your role involves assessing damage, implementing restoration techniques, and ensuring that cultural heritage assets are conserved for future generations.

Resource Recovery Engineer

Resource Recovery Engineers focus on recovering valuable resources from waste streams through recycling, composting, and other sustainable methods. Your responsibilities include designing and implementing resource recovery processes, optimizing resource utilization, and promoting environmental sustainability.

Resident Engineer

Resident Engineers oversee engineering projects on-site, representing the client or contractor. Your duties may include monitoring construction activities, ensuring compliance with specifications and regulations, and resolving technical issues to ensure project success.

Reservoir Engineer

Reservoir Engineers specialize in assessing underground reservoirs of oil and gas. Your role involves analyzing geological data, predicting reservoir behavior, and optimizing production strategies to maximize hydrocarbon recovery.

Research Mechanic/Research Engineer/Research and Development Senior Engineer/Research and Development Engineer

Whether you’re a Research Mechanic, Research Engineer, Research and Development Senior Engineer, or Research and Development Engineer, your focus is on innovation and discovery. Your responsibilities may include conducting experiments, developing new technologies, and advancing scientific knowledge in various fields of engineering.

Representative Projects

Representative Projects Engineers oversee and manage a portfolio of projects for a company or organization. Your role involves identifying strategic projects, allocating resources, and ensuring successful project delivery to meet organizational objectives.

Renewable Energy Engineer/Renewable Energy Consultant

Renewable Energy Engineers and Consultants specialize in developing and implementing renewable energy projects. Your responsibilities may include assessing renewable energy resources, designing energy systems, and providing expertise on sustainable energy solutions.

Remotely Piloted Vehicle Engineering Technician

Remotely Piloted Vehicle Engineering Technicians support the development and operation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones. Your role involves assembling and testing drone systems, troubleshooting technical issues, and ensuring safe and reliable UAV operations.

Reliability Technician/Reliability Engineer

Reliability Technicians and Engineers focus on ensuring the reliability and performance of products and systems. Your responsibilities may include conducting reliability tests, analyzing failure data, and implementing design improvements to enhance product reliability and customer satisfaction.

Relay Engineer

Relay Engineers specialize in designing and maintaining protective relay systems for electrical power networks. Your role involves analyzing power system conditions, specifying relay settings, and ensuring reliable operation to protect electrical equipment and prevent outages.

Registered Surveyor/Registered Safety Engineer/Registered Land Surveyor

Registered Surveyors, Safety Engineers, and Land Surveyors are licensed professionals who provide expertise in their respective fields. Your responsibilities may include conducting surveys, assessing safety risks, and ensuring compliance with regulations and standards.

Regional Safety Manager

Regional Safety Managers oversee safety programs and initiatives across multiple locations within a region or organization. Your role involves developing safety policies, providing training and guidance to personnel, and monitoring safety performance to promote a culture of safety excellence.

Refrigeration Engineer

Refrigeration Engineers specialize in designing and optimizing refrigeration systems for various applications. Your responsibilities may include selecting refrigerants, designing system components, and ensuring energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in refrigeration processes.

Refining Engineer

Refining Engineers are involved in the refining of crude oil into petroleum products. Your role may include optimizing refining processes, troubleshooting operational issues, and ensuring compliance with quality and environmental standards in petroleum refining operations.

Refinery Process Engineer

Refinery Process Engineers focus on optimizing processes in petroleum refineries to maximize efficiency and product quality. Your responsibilities may include analyzing refinery operations, identifying process improvements, and implementing solutions to enhance refinery performance.

Reactor Engineer

Reactor Engineers are involved in the design, operation, and maintenance of nuclear reactors. Your role includes ensuring reactor safety, optimizing reactor performance, and addressing technical challenges related to nuclear energy production.

Engineering Jobs that start with R
A Road Engineer (Demo Image by AI)

R-Engineers Job Title, Main Duties and Salary Range

Job TitleMain DutiesSalary Range
Rural Electrification EngineerDesign, develop and maintain electrical systems for rural areas$65,000-$130,000
Roller Coaster EngineerDesign and build roller coasters and amusement park rides$50,000-$100,000
Roller Coaster DesignerDesign roller coasters and amusement park rides$50,000-$100,000
RodmanAssist surveyors in taking measurements and collecting data for surveying projects$25,000-$45,000
Robotics Systems EngineerDesign, develop and maintain robotic systems$75,000-$140,000
Robotics SpecialistDevelop and maintain robotic systems$60,000-$110,000
Robotics EngineerDesign, develop and maintain robotic systems$75,000-$140,000
Robotics Application EngineerDevelop and implement robotic applications in various industries$80,000-$150,000
Robot TechnicianRepair and maintain robotic systems$40,000-$75,000
Road EngineerDesign and maintain roads and highways$60,000-$120,000
Road Design EngineerDesign and plan road construction projects$60,000-$120,000
Risk Prevention EngineerIdentify and assess potential risks in various industries and develop strategies to prevent them$80,000-$150,000
Risk Control DirectorOversee and manage risk control programs in various industries$120,000-$200,000
Rig Site EngineerMonitor and maintain drilling operations on oil rigs$80,000-$140,000
Rework TechnicianRepair and rework circuit boards and other electronic components$40,000-$70,000
Restoration TechnicianRestore and repair damaged historical or artistic objects and buildings$40,000-$70,000

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