Letter T: Engineering Careers that start with T

Transportation Engineer, Transportation Design Engineer, Transmitter Engineer, Transmission Engineer, Transit Worker, Traffic Routing Engineer, Traffic Operations Engineer, Traffic Engineer & many more in the below. See this ultimate and latest list of Engineering Careers that start with T and also these jobs description (jobs details are below of the list).

Engineering Careers that Start with the Letter T

First list of engineers that start with t:

  • Truss Designer
  • Treating Engineer
  • Transportation Planning Engineer
  • Transportation Engineering Technician
  • Transportation Engineer
  • Transportation Design Engineer
  • Transmitter Engineer
  • Transmission Engineer
  • Transit Worker
  • Traffic Routing Engineer
  • Traffic Operations Engineer
  • Traffic Engineer
  • Traffic Designer
  • Track Production Engineer
  • Tool Engineer
  • Tool Design Engineer
  • Tool Design Drafter
  • Tool Design Checker
  • Time Study Technician
  • Time Study Engineer
  • Time Study Analyst.

Engineering Jobs that Start with the Letter T

  • Thin-Film Technician
  • Thermodynamics Engineer
  • Textile Engineer
  • Test Technician
  • Test Project Engineer
  • Test Fixture Designer
  • Test Facility Engineer
  • Test Equipment Mechanic
  • Test Engine Mechanic
  • Test Design Engineer
  • Telephone Surveyor
  • Telecommunication Engineer
  • Telecom Engineer
  • Technology Architect
  • Technical Testing Engineer
  • Technical Services Engineer
  • Technical Design Engineer
  • Technical Analyzer
  • Team Lead Engineer
  • Tax Map Technician.
engineers that start with the letter t
Telecommunication Engineer

Truss Designer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work on something as weird and out there as a Truss Designer job? A Truss Designer is a person who designs trusses for buildings and structures.

It is sometimes referred to as a structural engineer, but the title “structural engineer” is actually a subset of a truss designer’s main role.

Treating Engineer

Treating engineer is a job title that spans a wide range of work. In fact, it’s a job title that does not always have the same meaning, depending on the employer. In some companies, the title is used to describe a person who prepares materials used for treatment.

Engineering Careers that start with T
careers that start with t

For example, if you are a Construction Engineer, you may be tasked with cleaning tarps before using them to protect a building from wind damage. In this case, your work would be considered treating. On the other hand, if you are a lawyer, then your job would be considered a treating.

Transportation Planning Engineer

Transportation Planning Engineers have a variety of responsibilities in a variety of transportation planning disciplines.

They provide technical assistance to city and county departments of transportation, state departments of transportation, and engineering consulting firms.

They also work with federal, state, and local transportation officials to develop transportation plans and programs; serve as subject matter experts in the field of transportation planning, and conduct research to improve transportation management policies and practices.

Engineering Careers That Start With The Letter T

Time Study Engineer

A Time Study Engineer is a professional who makes a living analyzing time studies, which describe the changing patterns for the quantity and speed of a company’s business operations. There are a few different types of Time Study Engineers out there.

The first type of engineer analyzes the efficiency of each step in a production process, such as the number of materials, time-to-process, time-to-deliver, the quantity of finished product, etc.

Engineer That Starts With T
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