Letter J: Engineer Jobs that Start with J

See the ultimate list of Engineer Jobs that Start with J and also these jobs description. A complete list is here.

Engineering Careers that Start with J

Know the careers names that start with j.

  • Junior Engineering Technician
  • Junior Field Engineer
  • Job Captain
  • Junior Manufacturing Engineer
  • Junior Mechanical Engineer
  • Junior Process Engineer
  • Junior Project Engineer
  • Junior engineer
  • Junior Electronic technician
  • Junior Electrical Engineer
  • Junior Civil Engineer
  • Junior Architect
  • Junior Design Engineer.
Engineer Jobs that Start with J

Engineering Jobs that Start with J

Now see the below list of jobs that begin with letter J.

Junior Architect

Junior Architect positions are quite popular among people looking to transition into the IT industry. This is because Junior Architect positions are relatively easy to obtain, with an average salary of $73000 a year. As a result, Junior Architects perform a variety of projects that help the company’s rank improve and grow.

Junior Design Engineer

Junior Design Engineer is a really great way for software engineers to start their career. Junior Design Engineer is similar to the project recruiting process described above, but instead of working for a company, you are working for a team.

The team has a manager and if you want to be promoted to Technical Lead, you must first prove your worth to the team.

You’ll be given a project and you’ll have to work with your team members to complete it. You gain experience in working on a team, you gain more responsibilities, and you’ll be paid for your work.

Junior Civil Engineer

Junior Civil Engineer is a special position in the government of India to cater to the needs of qualified professionals. The eligible candidates are those who are pursuing a B.Tech in Civil Engineering stream from a recognised University with minimum of 60% marks and possess requisite experience in the field.

engineers that start with j
engineers that start with j

Junior Electrical Engineer

Junior Electrical Engineers are very different from other types of electrical engineers. Usually, electrical engineers (ELE) are the ones who do the design and installation of electrical systems.

Junior ELE’s are also called “junior” because they are only in their first year of school and do less “hands-on” work.

Although they may not have years of experience, they are usually able to read schematics and design diagrams and are very good at problem-solving.

Junior Electronic Technician

Junior Electronic Technician (JET) is a career focused on the technical side of the industry. It involves your own personal educational experience and learning at multiple levels of the technical field.

You are able to explore the technical industry without the pressure of job or salary. JET is an engineer at heart and works at various jobs at various companies.

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Junior Project Engineer

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