Engineer Jobs that Start with D : Don’t Miss Out on These!

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Engineers that Start with D

Engineer Jobs that Start with D : Don’t Miss Out on These!
A Digital Design Engineer
  1. Digital Technician
  2. Digital Systems Engineer
  3. Digital Design Engineer
  4. Die Designer
  5. Device Processing Engineer
  6. Device Engineer
  7. Design Drafter
  8. Development Engineer
  9. Detailer/Designer
  10. Detail Engineer
  11. Detail Drafter
  12. Designer And Manufacturer
  13. Designer And Field Engineer
  14. Design/Applications Engineer
  15. Design Verification Engineer
  16. Design Technician
  17. Design Release Engineer
  18. Design Supervisor
  19. Design Manufacturing Engineer
  20. Design Engineer/Drafter
  21. Design Engineer Internship
  22. Design Architect
  23. Design Engineer
  24. Design Development Engineer
  25. Design Checker
  26. Debug Technician.
  27. Drive Test Engineer
  28. Drilling Fluids Engineer
  29. Drilling Engineer
  30. Drawing Checker
  31. Drainage Engineer
  32. Draftsperson
  33. Draftsman/Designer
  34. Draftsman
  35. Drafting Technician
  36. Drafting Internship
  37. Drafting Engineer
  38. Drafter Apprentice
  39. Drafter
  40. Documentation Engineer
  41. Division Engineer
  42. District Plant Engineer
  43. District Engineer
  44. Distribution Field Engineer
  45. Distribution Engineer
  46. Distributed Generation Project Manager
  47. Distinguished Member Of The Technical Staff
  48. Director, Product Safety
  49. Director, Hydrogen Storage Engineering
  50. Director Of Engineering, Quality & Program Management
  51. Directional Survey Drafter
  52. Dimensional Integration Engineer.

Engineering encompasses a wide range of roles, each contributing uniquely to various industries and technological advancements. Let’s explore engineering jobs that start with the letter D:

Digital Technician

Description: Digital technicians specialize in the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of digital systems and equipment. They ensure the proper functioning of digital components and provide technical support to address issues related to digital technology.

Digital Systems Engineer

Description: Digital systems engineers design and develop digital systems, including hardware and software components. They work on projects involving digital signal processing, communication systems, and embedded systems to create efficient and reliable digital solutions.

Digital Design Engineer

Description: Digital design engineers focus on designing digital circuits, systems, and integrated circuits (ICs) using computer-aided design (CAD) tools and simulation software. They optimize designs for performance, power efficiency, and manufacturability.

Die Designer

Description: Die designers create designs and specifications for dies, molds, and tooling used in manufacturing processes such as stamping, casting, and injection molding. They collaborate with engineers and manufacturers to develop cost-effective and high-quality tooling solutions.

Device Processing Engineer

Description: Device processing engineers work in semiconductor manufacturing facilities to develop and optimize processes for fabricating electronic devices and components. They oversee the production of semiconductor wafers and ensure adherence to quality and performance standards.

Device Engineer

Description: Device engineers design and develop electronic devices, such as transistors, diodes, and sensors, for various applications. They conduct research, analyze requirements, and prototype devices to meet performance and reliability specifications.

Design Drafter

Description: Design drafters create technical drawings and blueprints based on specifications provided by engineers and designers. They use computer-aided design (CAD) software to produce detailed drawings of mechanical, electrical, and architectural designs.

Development Engineer

Description: Development engineers lead the design, testing, and optimization of new products or technologies. They collaborate with cross-functional teams to conceptualize ideas, conduct feasibility studies, and bring innovative solutions from concept to market.


Description: Detailers/designers prepare detailed drawings and models of mechanical components, structures, or systems based on engineering designs. They ensure accuracy, completeness, and compliance with technical standards and specifications.

Debug Technician

Description: Debug technicians troubleshoot and diagnose issues with electronic or mechanical systems, equipment, or software. They use diagnostic tools, test equipment, and technical knowledge to identify and resolve problems effectively.

Drilling Fluids Engineer

Description: Drilling fluids engineers design and formulate drilling fluids, also known as mud, for oil and gas drilling operations. They select and blend additives to control viscosity, lubricate drill bits, and prevent formation damage during drilling processes.

Drawing Checker

Description: Drawing checkers review and verify technical drawings, blueprints, and schematics for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with design standards and specifications. They ensure that drawings are error-free and ready for production or construction.

Drainage Engineer

Description: Drainage engineers design and manage drainage systems to control stormwater runoff, prevent flooding, and protect the environment. They analyze topography, hydrology, and hydraulic principles to develop effective drainage solutions for infrastructure projects.

Drafting Technician

Description: Drafting technicians assist engineers and designers in creating technical drawings and blueprints. They prepare sketches, layouts, and diagrams, and assist with drafting tasks to support the design and development process.

Drafting Engineer

Description: Drafting engineers specialize in creating technical drawings and documentation for engineering projects. They translate design concepts into detailed plans, schematics, and models using CAD software and drafting techniques.

Drafter Apprentice

Description: Drafter apprentices undergo training to learn drafting skills and techniques under the guidance of experienced drafters or engineers. They assist with drafting projects, gain hands-on experience, and develop proficiency in CAD software and drafting standards.


Description: Drafters create technical drawings, plans, and diagrams based on engineering designs and specifications. They use CAD software to produce accurate and detailed drawings for construction, manufacturing, or architectural projects.

Documentation Engineer

Description: Documentation engineers develop technical documentation, manuals, and guides for engineering products, systems, or processes. They organize information, write technical content, and create visual aids to support end-users and stakeholders.

Division Engineer

Description: Division engineers oversee engineering activities within a specific division or department of an organization. They provide technical leadership, manage engineering projects, and ensure alignment with organizational goals and objectives.

District Plant Engineer

Description: District plant engineers manage and oversee the operations of manufacturing or industrial plants within a designated district or region. They coordinate production activities, optimize plant performance, and ensure compliance with safety and quality standards.

Engineer Jobs that Start with D
Drilling Engineer

Drive Test Engineer

A Drive Test Engineer is responsible for testing and analyzing wireless networks. They conduct drive tests, which involve driving specific routes while measuring and analyzing signal strength, call quality, and data transfer speeds.

They use specialized equipment and software to collect data and identify areas of the network that may require optimization or improvement. Drive Test Engineers work closely with network engineers to troubleshoot issues and develop solutions to improve network performance.

Drilling Engineer

A Drilling Engineer is responsible for planning, designing and implementing drilling programs for oil and gas wells. They analyze geological data and collaborate with geologists and other specialists to determine the best drilling techniques and equipment to use for each project.

They oversee the drilling process, ensuring that operations run smoothly and safely, and troubleshoot any issues that arise. Drilling Engineers are also responsible for managing costs and schedules, and for ensuring that drilling activities comply with regulatory and environmental standards.


A Draftsperson, also known as a Draftsman or Drafter, is responsible for creating technical drawings and plans used in construction, engineering, and manufacturing projects.

They use computer-aided design (CAD) software to produce 2D and 3D drawings that include details such as dimensions, materials, and manufacturing processes. They work closely with engineers, architects, and other professionals to ensure that drawings accurately reflect project requirements and specifications.

engineering career that starts with d

District Engineer

Description: District engineers manage engineering operations within a specific geographical district. They oversee infrastructure projects, ensure compliance with regulations, and collaborate with stakeholders to address community needs.

Distribution Field Engineer

Description: Distribution field engineers work in the field to inspect, maintain, and troubleshoot distribution systems for utilities such as electricity, water, or gas. They ensure the reliability and efficiency of distribution networks.

Distribution Engineer

Description: Distribution engineers design, plan, and optimize distribution systems for utilities. They analyze data, conduct load studies, and develop plans to meet the demand for electricity, water, or other resources within a specified area.

Distributed Generation Project Manager

Description: Distributed generation project managers oversee the development and implementation of distributed energy generation projects, such as solar photovoltaic systems or small-scale wind turbines. They manage project timelines, budgets, and resources.

Distinguished Member Of The Technical Staff

Description: Distinguished members of the technical staff are highly accomplished engineers recognized for their significant contributions to their field. They may lead research projects, mentor junior engineers, and provide technical expertise to solve complex challenges.

Director, Product Safety

Description: Directors of product safety are responsible for ensuring the safety and compliance of products manufactured or distributed by a company. They develop and implement safety protocols, conduct risk assessments, and liaise with regulatory agencies.

Director, Hydrogen Storage Engineering

Description: Directors of hydrogen storage engineering lead teams responsible for developing innovative storage solutions for hydrogen-based energy systems. They oversee research, design, and testing efforts to optimize hydrogen storage technologies.

Director Of Engineering, Quality & Program Management

Description: Directors of engineering, quality, and program management oversee engineering teams and programs while ensuring adherence to quality standards and project milestones. They coordinate cross-functional efforts to deliver high-quality products on time and within budget.

Directional Survey Drafter

Description: Directional survey drafters create technical drawings and plans for directional drilling operations in oil and gas exploration. They produce accurate diagrams of well trajectories and provide essential data for drilling engineers.

Dimensional Integration Engineer

Description: Dimensional integration engineers specialize in integrating dimensional measurement systems into manufacturing processes. They develop and implement strategies to ensure the accuracy and consistency of product dimensions throughout production.

Jobs Demand and Duties

Job TitleMain DutiesDemanding Country
Drive Test EngineerTest cellular networks and mobile devicesUSA, Canada, Europe
Drilling Fluids EngineerDevelop and test drilling fluids for oil and gas wellsUSA, Canada, Europe
Drilling EngineerPlan and oversee drilling operationsUSA, Canada, Europe
Drawing CheckerVerify the accuracy of technical drawingsUSA, Europe, Asia-Pacific
Drainage EngineerDesign and manage drainage systemsUSA, Canada, Europe
DraftspersonCreate technical drawings by hand or using softwareUSA, Europe, Asia-Pacific
Draftsman/DesignerCreate and modify technical drawings and schematicsUSA, Europe, Asia-Pacific
DraftsmanCreate technical drawings using computer-aided design (CAD)USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific
Drafting TechnicianCreate and modify technical drawings and schematicsUSA, Europe, Asia-Pacific
Drafting InternshipGain experience creating technical drawings and schematicsUSA, Europe, Asia-Pacific
Drafting EngineerCreate and modify technical drawings for engineering projectsUSA, Europe, Asia-Pacific
Drafter ApprenticeLearn how to create technical drawings and schematicsUSA, Europe, Asia-Pacific
DrafterCreate technical drawings and schematicsUSA, Europe, Asia-Pacific
Documentation EngineerDevelop and maintain technical documentationUSA, Europe, Asia-Pacific
Division EngineerManage and oversee operations within a specific divisionUSA, Canada, Europe
District Plant EngineerManage and maintain power plants at the district levelUSA, Canada, Europe
District EngineerOversee engineering projects within a specific districtUSA, Canada, Europe
Distribution Field EngineerDesign and maintain electrical distribution systemsUSA, Canada, Europe
Distribution EngineerDesign and maintain electrical distribution systemsUSA, Canada, Europe
Distributed Generation Project ManagerManage projects related to distributed energy resourcesUSA, Canada, Europe
Distinguished Member Of The Technical StaffProvide expert technical guidance and leadershipUSA, Canada, Europe

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What is a Drilling Engineer?

A drilling engineer is responsible for designing and implementing procedures to drill oil and gas wells efficiently and safely. They also work to maximize production from existing wells.

What are the main duties of a Draftsperson?

A draftsperson, also known as a drafter, creates detailed technical drawings using computer-aided design (CAD) software or by hand. They ensure that the drawings are accurate and meet the necessary specifications for the project.

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