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  • Brazilian singers Ana Paula Valadão and Aline Barros[1]
  • Panamanian musician Santiago Stevenson (d. 2007)
  • Jaime Murrell
  • Luis “Funky” Marrero
  • Puerto Rican rapper in the genre of hip-hop
  • and Christian contemporary music
  • Willy Redimi2 González Dominican rapper in Latin hip-hop
  • and Christian contemporary music
  • Venezuelan pop singer José Luis Rodríguez
  • Daniel Calveti and Christian Sebastia
  • Mexican singers/pastors Jesús Adrián Romero
Christian Bachata Artists

Christian Bachata Artists

  • Marcos Witt
  • and Armando Flores
  • and singers Alejandro Alonso (musician)
  • Marco Barrientos
  • Ecuador’s Paulina Aguirre
  • Salvadorian Álvaro Torres
  • Colombia’s Alex Campos and Ericson Molano
  • and Mexican band Rojo.[5][6] Other artists include Samuel Hernández
  • Roberto Orellana
  • Annette Moreno
  • and Christian singers like Daniela G Mangrum

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