Best Biology Jobs that Make a Lot of Money

See the latest and ultimate list of Biology Jobs that Make a Lot of Money. You can earn more money by doing these biology careers.

Biology Careers that Make a Lot of Money

  1. Biochemist
  2. Dentist
  3. Environmental scientist
  4. Genetic counselor
  5. Health communications specialist
  6. Medical and health services manager
  7. Microbiologist
  8. Oncologist
  9. Pharmaceutical sales representative
  10. Vaterinarian.

List of top paying biology jobs/ careers

biology careers #1Pharmacist
biology careers #2Physical therapist assistant
biology careers #3Physician
biology careers #4Physician assistant
biology careers #5Registered nurse
biology careers #6Respiratory therapist
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Biology Jobs that Make a Lot of Money

Highest Paying Jobs for Biology

See the list ? of highest paying biology jobs and salaries.

 Physician  Average salary$208,000
 Dentist  Average salary$158,120
 Podiatrist  Average salary$127,740
 Pharmacist  Average salary$124,170
 Optometrist  Average salary$110,300
 Physician Assistant  Average salary$104,860
 Biochemist or Biophysicist  Average salary$91,190
 Veterinarian  Average salary$90,420
 Medical Scientist  Average salary$82,090
 Biology Teacher  Average salary$76,000
 Registered Nurse (RN)  Average salary $70,000
 Wildlife Biologist  Average salary$62,290
 Archeologist  Average salary$62,280
 Writer  Average salary $61,820
 Conservation Scientist  Average salary $60,970
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Know About Biology Careers

The biological sciences are a mainstay of research and industry, and they offer a number of career options for those interested in the sciences. The biological sciences cover all of life and biology, and they include research and exploration.

Biological scientists and researchers examine the cells and organisms that exist on this planet. They study the development and growth of humans and other animals, and they work to understand how these things work. There are many different career options within the biological sciences.