🦠 Journey into Biology Careers that start with J

Biology Careers that start with J

See the latest and ultimate list of Biology Careers that start with J letter.

Biology Jobs that start with J

  • Juris Doctor (JD), Biology
  • Juris Doctor (JD / Law), Biology
  • Jactitation Specialist (studying and analyzing involuntary movements or jerking in patients)
  • Jatropha Breeder (breeding and improving jatropha plant varieties for biofuel production)
  • Juvenile Justice Counselor (providing counseling and support to young offenders in the justice system)
  • Junior Biologist (assisting senior biologists in conducting research, data collection, and analysis)
  • Jackal Ecologist (studying the behavior, ecology, and conservation of jackals in their natural habitat)
  • Jellyfish Biologist (studying the physiology, behavior, and ecological role of jellyfish in marine ecosystems)
  • Jaguar Conservationist (working on conservation efforts to protect and conserve jaguar populations)
  • Jungle Researcher (conducting research on the flora, fauna, and ecosystems of tropical rainforests)
  • Jacobson’s Organ Specialist (studying the anatomy, physiology, and function of Jacobson’s organ in animals)
  • Juxtacrine Signaling Researcher (investigating cell-to-cell communication through juxtacrine signaling in organisms)

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Biology words that start with J

  • J-chain
  • jigsaw-puzzle model
  • jumping PCR
  • jumping gene
  • jumping library
  • junk DNA
  • James D. Watson
  • Joining (J) segment
  • joule
  • junctional diversity
  • juxta.

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