Agriculture Jobs that Start with ‘F’ : Find Your Future 🚜!

Are you ready to harvest success? 🚜 Dive into a world where fields bloom with opportunity, and your passion for agriculture can blossom into a rewarding career. 🌱

From Fertilizer Specialists who know their NPK ratios like the back of their hand 👨‍🌾 to Farm Managers who orchestrate the symphony of tractors and combines 🎶, we’ve got the inside scoop on the hottest ‘F’ jobs in agri-town. 🌞

Agriculture Careers Start with F

Agriculture Jobs that Start with ‘F’ : Find Your Future 🚜!
  1. Fabricator
  2. Facility Management
  3. Falconer
  4. Fishery Biologist
  5. Farm Business Manager
  6. Farm Hand
  7. Farm Jobs
  8. Farm Manager
  9. Farm Worker – Small Ruminant
  10. Farmers’ Co-Op Jobs
  11. Farrier
  12. Feedlot Manager
  13. Feed Mill Manager
  14. Feed Mill Operator
  15. Feed Sales
  16. Fermentation Scientist
  17. Field Research
  18. Field Scout
  19. Field Technician
  20. Financial Analyst
  21. Finance.
  22. Fisheries Technician
  23. Flavor Technologist
  24. Fleet Manager
  25. Florist
  26. Food Animal Veterinarian
  27. Food Chain Outreach Coordinator
  28. Food Packaging Jobs
  29. Food Processing Jobs
  30. Food Production Supervisor
  31. Food Safety
  32. Food Safety / Quality Assurance Manager
  33. Food Safety Specialist
  34. Food Scientist / Technologist
  35. Food Stylist
  36. Forester
  37. Formulation Chemist
  38. Fracking
  39. Freezer Supervisor / Refrigeration Specialist
  40. Fruit.

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In the vast landscape of agricultural careers, opportunities abound for individuals with diverse skills and interests. Let’s explore some enriching roles that begin with the letter “F.”


Craft agricultural equipment and structures with precision as a fabricator. Your expertise in metalwork and fabrication techniques will contribute to the efficiency and functionality of farming operations.

Facility Management

Oversee the maintenance and operations of agricultural facilities as a facility manager. Your role involves ensuring that farm buildings, storage facilities, and infrastructure are well-maintained and optimized for productivity.


Harness the power of nature to manage pest control on farms as a falconer. Your partnership with trained birds of prey will help mitigate pest damage to crops and enhance ecological balance on agricultural lands.

Fishery Biologist

Study aquatic ecosystems and manage fisheries resources as a fishery biologist. Your research and conservation efforts will support sustainable fishing practices and the preservation of aquatic biodiversity.

Farm Business Manager

Navigate the complexities of agricultural business as a farm business manager. Your strategic planning and financial acumen will optimize profitability and sustainability for farming enterprises.

Farm Hand

Roll up your sleeves and assist with various tasks on the farm as a farm hand. From planting and harvesting crops to caring for livestock, your hard work and dedication will contribute to the success of agricultural operations.

Farm Manager

Lead and oversee all aspects of farm operations as a farm manager. Your responsibilities may include crop management, livestock care, financial planning, and personnel management to ensure the smooth functioning of the farm.

Farm Worker – Small Ruminant

Specialize in caring for small ruminant animals such as sheep and goats as a farm worker. Your expertise in animal husbandry will ensure the health and welfare of these valuable livestock.

Farmers’ Co-Op Jobs

Collaborate with fellow farmers and agricultural producers through cooperative ventures as a member of a farmers’ co-op. Your participation will enable shared resources, collective marketing, and mutual support within the farming community.


Provide essential hoof care and shoeing services for horses and other livestock as a farrier. Your craftsmanship and attention to detail will ensure the comfort and mobility of working animals on the farm.

Feedlot Manager

Manage operations at a feedlot facility where livestock are raised for meat production. Your expertise in animal nutrition, health management, and facility maintenance will optimize efficiency and profitability in feedlot operations.

Feed Mill Manager

Oversee the production of animal feed at a feed mill as a feed mill manager. Your role involves managing operations, ensuring quality control, and optimizing production processes to meet the nutritional needs of livestock.

Feed Mill Operator

Operate machinery and equipment in the production of animal feed at a feed mill. Your attention to detail and adherence to safety protocols will contribute to efficient and reliable feed production.

Feed Sales

Promote and sell animal feed products to farmers and livestock producers as a feed sales representative. Your knowledge of animal nutrition and feed options will help meet the dietary needs of different livestock species.

Fermentation Scientist

Harness the power of fermentation in agricultural processes such as food production, biofuel development, and waste management. Your expertise will drive innovation and optimization in fermentation techniques for various agricultural applications.

Field Research

Conduct field experiments and studies to advance agricultural science and technology as a field researcher. Your observations and data collection will contribute to innovations in crop genetics, pest management, and sustainable farming practices.

Field Scout

Monitor field conditions and pest populations to provide valuable insights to farmers as a field scout. Your observations and recommendations will help optimize crop management practices and minimize yield losses.

Field Technician

Provide technical support and assistance to agricultural researchers or farmers as a field technician. Your skills in data collection, equipment operation, and field experimentation will support various agricultural projects and initiatives.

Financial Analyst

Analyze financial data and trends to support decision-making in agricultural businesses as a financial analyst. Your insights will help stakeholders assess investment opportunities, manage risks, and optimize financial performance.


Manage financial resources and transactions in agricultural enterprises as a finance professional. Your expertise in budgeting, accounting, and financial planning will support the sustainability and growth of farming operations.

Fisheries Technician

Assist with research and management activities in fisheries and aquaculture as a fisheries technician. Your role may involve data collection, habitat monitoring, and species conservation efforts to support sustainable fisheries practices.

Flavor Technologist

Develop and enhance flavors in agricultural products such as food, beverages, and animal feeds as a flavor technologist. Your creativity and sensory expertise will contribute to product innovation and consumer satisfaction.

Fleet Manager

Coordinate and maintain a fleet of vehicles and machinery used in agricultural operations as a fleet manager. Your logistical expertise will ensure the reliability, safety, and efficiency of transportation assets on the farm.


Celebrate the beauty of nature by arranging and designing floral displays as a florist. Your creativity and craftsmanship will bring joy and elegance to weddings, events, and everyday occasions.

Food Animal Veterinarian

Provide veterinary care and health management services for livestock as a food animal veterinarian. Your expertise will ensure the well-being of animals raised for meat, milk, and other agricultural products.

Food Chain Outreach Coordinator

Facilitate communication and collaboration among stakeholders in the food supply chain as a food chain outreach coordinator. Your efforts will promote transparency, sustainability, and resilience in food production and distribution systems.

Food Packaging Jobs

Contribute to the safe and efficient packaging of agricultural products for distribution and consumption as a packaging specialist. Your attention to detail and knowledge of packaging materials and techniques will ensure product quality and integrity.

Food Processing Jobs

Operate and maintain machinery and equipment in food processing facilities as a food processing technician. Your role may involve tasks such as sorting, washing, cutting, cooking, and packaging agricultural products for distribution and sale.

Food Production Supervisor

Lead production teams and oversee operations in food processing or manufacturing facilities as a food production supervisor. Your managerial skills will ensure compliance with safety regulations, quality standards, and production targets.

Food Safety

Ensure the safety and quality of agricultural products throughout the food supply chain as a food safety specialist. Your expertise in food safety regulations, inspections, and risk management will protect public health and consumer confidence.

Food Safety / Quality Assurance Manager

Develop and implement food safety and quality assurance programs in agricultural businesses as a manager. Your leadership and expertise will ensure compliance with regulations and standards, as well as continuous improvement in product quality and safety.

Food Safety Specialist

Provide expertise and support in food safety practices and compliance as a food safety specialist. Your role may involve conducting audits, inspections, and training sessions to promote best practices and prevent foodborne illnesses.

Food Scientist / Technologist

Apply scientific principles and techniques to develop and improve food products and processes as a food scientist or technologist. Your research and innovation will contribute to the creation of nutritious, safe, and appealing agricultural products for consumers.

Food Stylist

Enhance the visual appeal of food products for advertising, packaging, and presentation purposes as a food stylist. Your creativity and attention to detail will showcase agricultural products in their best light, enticing consumers and enhancing brand image.

🔥 Forestry Technicians: They’re the tree whisperers, navigating dense forests like seasoned explorers. 🌲 Armed with chainsaws and compasses, they ensure our woodlands thrive. 🌳

🔥 Fish Hatchery Managers: Ever seen a baby salmon take its first swim? These folks raise fish from egg to fin, ensuring our rivers teem with aquatic life. 🐟

Agriculture Words that Start with F

  1. Farm
  2. Farmer
  3. Fertilizer
  4. Field
  5. Forestry
  6. Food
  7. Fruit
  8. Feed
  9. Fungicide
  10. Farming
  11. Forage
  12. Furrow
  13. Fallow
  14. Flora
  15. Fauna
  16. Fodder
  17. Fertilization
  18. Flowering
  19. Farmstead
  20. Flock
  21. Fumigation
  22. Fertilizer spreader
  23. Frost
  24. Farm equipment
  25. Farmhand

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