Basic Music Genre List

Basic music genre is a type of music genre. It was started in the 1950s. Basic music genre is a music genre that is very new and popular. It is also a kind of music genre which is very simple and easy to learn. It is also the music genre had the latest and new. It is a good music genre. Basic music genre has an interesting rhythm.

Basic Music Genre List

  • Blues
  • Brass & Military
  • Children’s
  • Classical
  • Country
  • Electronic
  • Folk
  • Folk, World, & Country
  • Funk / Soul
  • Hip-hop
  • International
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Newage
  • Non-Music
  • Pop
  • Pop/Rock
  • R&B
  • Rap
  • Reggae
  • Religious
  • Rock
  • Soundtrack
  • Traditional


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