18 Popular Jobs that involve Working with Animals

See the latest and ultimate list of 18 Popular Jobs that involve Working with Animals. If you are an animal lover and looking for jobs where you work with animals then these jobs can attract you!

List of Jobs Working With Animals

Pet sitter
Animal care attendant
Animal control officer
Animal nutritionist
Animal shelter manager
Animal trainer
Horseback riding instructor
Marine biologist
Pet groomer
Pet store associate
Veterinary anesthetist
Veterinary dentist
Veterinary sales representative
Veterinary technician
Wildlife rehabilitator
18 Popular Jobs that involve Working with Animals
jobs working with animals

Wildlife rehabilitator

As a wildlife rehabilitator, you often find yourself in the middle of the action. You probably spend a lot of time in the field, and your job can call for you to work in all sorts of weather conditions.

You may even be required to help injured or orphaned wildlife, and you must be able to handle any situation that comes your way, both professionally and emotionally.


Veterinarian Joanne Darling graduated from vet school, and she’s been practicing for almost a decade. She specializes in small animal medicine and surgery and is also a small-animal and exotic-animal specialist and a zoo emergency care specialist. And she’s currently working with a local emergency clinic.

She has been practicing at the same clinic for the past decade, and recently completed a three-year residency program in emergency medicine at East Carolina University.

She also enjoys working with various zoos and research facilities.

Jobs Involving Exotic Animals

#1 Exotic Pet Veterinarians. 
#2 Exotic Pet Veterinary Technicians and Nurses. 
#3 Exotic Pet Veterinary Assistants and Aides. 
#4 Pet Store Associates. 
#5 Exotic Pet Educational Program Coordinators. 
#6 Exotic Pet Volunteer Opportunities. 
what jobs can you work with animals
 Pet Store Associates

Highest Paying Jobs With Animals

If you want to join the jobs working with animals that pay well then this list is for you.

Animal Jobs
 Animal caretaker 
 Animal control officer 
 Animal nutritionist 
 Animal trainer 
 Conservation land manager 
 Marine biologist 
 Pet groomer 
 Pet sitter 
 Veterinary assistant 
 Veterinary nurse 
 Veterinary technician 
 Wildlife biologist 
careers with animals that pay well

Best Jobs For Animal Lovers

See the animal lover jobs:

  1. Zoologist
  2. Veterinary technician
  3. Veterinary dentist
  4. Veterinary assistant
  5. Veterinarian
  6. Pet trainer
  7. Pet photographer
  8. Pet groomer
  9. Marine biologist
  10. Laboratory animal caretaker
  11. Horseback riding teacher
  12. Farrier
  13. Dog walker
  14. Dog sitter
  15. Animal nutritionist
  16. Animal cruelty investigator
  17. Animal control worker
  18. Animal breeder
high paying careers with animals
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