Yard Engineer Job Description

A yard engineer’s job description is quite broad, and covers many aspects of the yard’s operations. The primary role of a yard engineer is to oversee the daily operations of the yard’s equipment and personnel, as well as to plan and coordinate the movement of trains and railcars in and out of the yard.

They are responsible for maintaining safety and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Yard engineers also have a responsibility to ensure the efficient and timely movement of goods, maintain a safe and efficient working environment, and ensure the yard is kept in good condition.

Yard Engineer
Rail Yard Engineer

They may also be required to provide operational support to other departments and provide advice to management on operational and financial matters. In addition, they must constantly review and revise the yard’s design, layout and infrastructure to ensure efficiency and safety.

Yard engineers must also maintain records and reports of all yard activities and provide regular updates to management. Finally, they may also be required to attend and lead safety meetings in order to ensure a safe and productive working environment.



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