Words with Long U Sound and OO Sound

See the most latest and the ultimate list of Words with Long U Sound and OO Sound.

Words with The Long U Sound

Words Words
amuse moo
beauty mule
blue muse
brew music
bruise mutation
bugle mute
canoe new
cashew pew
coop proof
coupon prove
crew prune
croup pure
cruise route
cube ruby
cuckoo rude
cue rule
cute shampoo
do shoe
droop shoo
dude shrew

Words with OO Sound

Words Words
due shrewd
duet soup
duke spruce
dune stew
eulogy stool
Eunice Sue
ewe suit
few threw
flew through
flu to
fluid too
fluke troops
flute troupe
frugal truce
fruit TRUE
fume truth
fuse tuba
glue tube
goo tulip
grew tune
groove two
group ukulele
hew unicorn
hoot unicycle
hue uniform
huge unique
Hugh use
igloo utensil
juice view
knew whew
loop who
lose wound
luge yahoo
mew you
youth yule

Words with Long U Sound and OO Sound

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