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Tyler Nixon is a Actor. In this body size article we have shared Tyler Nixon age, eye color, gender, dress size, hair color, height, hips size, biceps size, birth date, breast size, place of birth, shoe size, waist size, weight kg, weight lbs, waist cm, waist in, waist meter, height cm, height in inch, height foot, age in 2022, age in 2023, age in 2024, age in 2025, and net worth.

Tyler Nixon Height Measurements

  • Tyler Nixon height is 170 cm / 5.58 Foot / 67 Inch.
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Tyler Nixon (Height, Weight), Body Measurements, Size, Eye Color etc

Breast Size:UPDATING
Age in 2023 36 Years
Birth Place:United States
height in foot5.58 Foot
Age at 202437 Years
weight {lbs}154 LBS
Dress Size: UPDATING
Hair :Black
weight {ounce}2469 Ounce
age 2025: 38 Years
Color of Eye:Hazel
Weight – Kg70 kg
Occupation: Actor
height inch67 Inch
Biceps Size13 in / 35 cm
Birth date08/07/2022
net worth$20 Million
age 2022: 35 Years
Height (CM)170 cm
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Waist (cm)83 cm
waist inches32 in
waist meter0.81 Meter
Tyler Nixon Bio

Latest Net worth of Tyler Nixon

Latest net worth of Tyler Nixon is $20 Million (nearly).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Tyler Nixon:

Height of Tyler Nixon?

Tyler Nixon height is 5.58 Foot.

Current Age of Tyler Nixon

Tyler Nixon is 35 Years old in 2022. 36 Years old in 2023. 37 Years old in 2024.

Tyler Nixon Weight

Tyler Nixon weight is 70 kg.

Tyler Nixon Weight Height

Tyler Nixon weight and height is 70 kg & 5.58 Foot.

How tall is Tyler Nixon in CM?

Tyler Nixon is 170 cm tall.

Tyler Nixon Date of Birth

Tyler Nixon date of birth is 08/07/2022.

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