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The page is for Tokelau country code. If you want to call your country to Tokelau this page can help you most. We also provide here Tokelau related all information!

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Tokelau Full Information in English

Country NameTokelau
Top Level Domaintk
ISO Numeric772
Geo Name ID4031074
Phone Code690
Time Zone in CapitalPacific/Fakaofo
Language Codestkl,en-TK
LanguagesTokelauan 93.5% (a Polynesian language), English 58.9%, Samoan 45.5%, Tuvaluan 11.6%, Kiribati 2.7%, other 2.5%, none 4.1%, unspecified 0.6%
Area KM210
Internet Hosts2069
Internet Users800
Phones (Mobile)
Phones (Landline)

Tokelau country phone numbers:

The country phone number of Tokelau is 690.

Tokelau country code number:

The country phone number of Tokelau is 690.

Tokelau country time zone name:

The time zone name of Tokelau is 690.

Tokelau Country Code Number, Phone Numbers, Time Zone And All

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