STEM Careers that Start with J – (Journey to Success)

There are many STEM careers that start with the letter J. One of these is a Junior Scientist. A Junior Scientist typically works in a laboratory setting with experienced scientists to conduct research experiments.

They help design and implement experiments, collect data, analyze results, and create reports based on their findings.

STEM Careers that Start with J – (Journey to Success)

STEM Jobs that Start with J

See the updated and complete list of science/STEM Careers that Start with J. This is a complete and ultimate list that’s just for You!

  1. Junior Chemist
  2. Junior Environmental Scientist
  3. Junior Research Assistant
  4. Junior Research Associate
  5. Junior Research Fellow
  6. Junior Scientist
  7. Junior Research Scientist
  8. Junior Research Technician
  9. J2ee Developer
  10. Java Application Developer
  11. Java Architect
  12. Java Consultant
  13. Java Developer
  14. Java Programmer
  15. Java Software Developer
  16. Java Web Developer.

Junior Scientists can specialize in many different areas, such as biology, chemistry, engineering, or computer science.

Another STEM career that starts with the letter J is a Junior Software Developer. These professionals use coding languages such as Python, Java, and JavaScript to create web and mobile applications.

They identify problems and develop new software programs to solve them. Junior Software Developers must have a strong knowledge of coding languages and computer systems.

Technology: Stem Careers that Start with J

  • Java/J2ee Developer
  • Java/J2ee Programmer
  • Junior .NET Developer
  • Junior Administrator
  • Junior Application Developer
  • Junior Computer Technician
  • Junior Database Administrator
  • Junior Developer
  • Junior Help Desk Technician
  • Junior Information Technologist
  • Junior Information Technology Analyst
  • Junior Information Technology Specialist
  • Junior Java Developer
  • Junior Network Administrator
  • Junior Network Analyst
  • Junior Network Specialist
  • Junior Network Technician
  • Junior Network/Systems Administrator
  • Junior Networking Engineer
  • Junior Operations Analyst
  • Junior Oracle Database Administrator
  • Junior Programmer
  • Junior Programmer Analyst
  • Junior Quality Assurance Analyst/Analyst
  • Junior Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Junior Software Developer
  • Junior Software Engineer
  • Junior Systems Administrator
  • Junior Systems Analyst
  • Junior Systems Engineer
  • Junior Technical Analyst
  • Junior Technical Specialist
  • Junior Technical Support Specialist
  • Junior Technician
  • Junior Test Engineer
  • Junior Tester
  • Junior Volunteer
  • Junior Web Developer

STEM Jobs that Start with J

See the details of STEM careers that start with the j letter.

Junior Research Scientist

Junior Research Scientist is a job title that means you are an employee of a company that has been given the responsibility of researching a specific topic.

The title is given to someone who has done well in a qualifying course and has been given the responsibility of researching a topic.

Junior Environmental Scientist

Junior Environmental Scientists are employed by the federal government and are responsible for the protection and preservation of natural resources and the environment.

In many cases, they are also employed by state and local governments, as well as non-governmental organizations. The positions are somewhat different depending on the agency.

Junior Research Assistant

Junior Research Assistant (JRA) is a new program that allows high school students to be part of research projects at the Yale School of Medicine and the Health and Life Sciences Division of Yale University.

JRA is designed for students who want to explore a broad range of career options in science and medicine through the study of research and the development of professional skills.

The JRA Program allows students to be involved in a variety of research experiences and provides students with the opportunity to build research-based skills as they gain professional experience.

stem jobs that start with j

Junior Research Fellow

The Junior Research Fellowship is a two-year program for PhD students whose research project involves the field of research of the sponsoring faculty member.

During the first year of the fellowship, the student will have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members in the field of research.

During the second year, the student will continue to work on his/her own research project under the supervision of the faculty member, with the opportunity to present a draft of the manuscript at the end of his/her fellowship.

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