STEM Careers that Start with H – (Hidden Gems)

Various STEM fields, careers that start with the letter H, such as hydrologist or health physicist, offer unique opportunities to work in important areas related to health and the environment.

These careers often require advanced education and technical skills, but they can be very fulfilling and offer a chance to make a positive impact on society.

STEM Careers that Start with H – (Hidden Gems)
Health services administrator in a modern office (Illustration)

STEM Careers that Start with H

  1. Health informatics specialist
  2. Horticulturist
  3. Human factors engineer
  4. Hydrologist
  5. Health physicist
  6. Hardware engineer
  7. HVAC technician
  8. Heavy equipment operator
  9. Hydrographic surveyor
  10. Horticulture therapist
  11. Health services administrator
  12. Hazardous materials specialist
  13. Help desk support technician
  14. Health and safety engineer
  15. Human computer interaction specialist.

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