🏵️ Rosette Emoji Meanings — Instant Copy and Paste

The 🏵️ Rosette emoji depicts a flower with a circular arrangement of petals. It is commonly used to represent beauty, decoration, and celebration. It can also be used to represent a rosette, which is a circular decoration made of ribbon or other material that is often awarded as a prize or honor.


Emoji History

The 🏵️ Rosette emoji was introduced in 2014 as part of Unicode 7.0. It is also known as the “flower rosette” emoji.

Emoji General Information

Here is some general information about the 🏵️ Rosette emoji:

  • Unicode: U+1F3F5
  • UTF-8: F0 9F 8F B5
  • Decimal: 127989
  • Hexadecimal: 1F3F5
  • Official name: Flower Rosette
  • CLDR short name: rosette
  • Date added: 2014

Unicode Category Information & Emoji Character Encoding Data

Here is some Unicode category information and emoji character encoding data for the 🏵️ Rosette emoji:

Unicode CategoryEmoji Character Encoding Data
SubcategoryOther symbol
Unicode version7.0 (2014)
Alternate namesflower rosette
Code pointU+1F3F5
HTML code🏵

Technical Information

Here is some technical information about the 🏵️ Rosette emoji:

Apple Name🏵️ Rosette
Also known asFlower Rosette
CategoryTravel & Places
SubcategoryOther Place or Building
Keywordscelebration, flower, rosette

Bottom Line

The 🏵️ Rosette emoji is a beautiful and versatile symbol that can be used to represent beauty, decoration, and celebration. Whether you’re awarding a prize or simply expressing your love of flowers, this emoji is a great choice.

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