Physician assistant salary in India

If you want to know that how much money earn Physician Assistant I mean if you want to know that Physician assistant salary in india then follow the bellow charts. The short answer is; median salary range is ₹330000 per Year, 10% salary range is ₹200000 per Year and highest salary range is ₹420000 per Year by 90% increment.

Yearly salary
10% Salary – Physician Assistant₹200000
25% Salary – Physician Assistant₹300000
Median Salary – Physician Assistant₹330000
75% Salary – Physician Assistant₹390000
90% Salary – Physician Assistant₹420000

Physician assistant salary in india Diagram

Physician assistant salary in india

Physician Assistant Salary in Companies Similar to Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals (36 Salaries)Physician Assistant0 – 13 yrs exp3.3L 1.8L4.7L
Apollo Hospitals Physician Assistant salary (36 Salaries)3.3L
Continental Hospitals Physician Assistant salary (6 Salaries)3.8L
Fortis Healthcare Physician Assistant salary (5 Salaries)3.2L
Jupiter Hospital Physician Assistant salary (8 Salaries)4L
KIMS Hospital Physician Assistant salary (6 Salaries)3.5L
Kovai Medical Center and Hospital Physician Assistant salary (5 Salaries)2L
MIOT INTERNATIONAL Physician Assistant salary (7 Salaries)2.6L
Narayana Health Physician Assistant salary (18 Salaries)3.5L
Seven Hills Hospital Physician Assistant salary (7 Salaries)3.6L
Yashoda Hospitals Physician Assistant salary (11 Salaries)3.9L
Company NameAvg. Salary
Continental Hospitals (6 Salaries)Physician Assistant1 – 5 yrs exp3.8L 3.5L4.5L
Fortis Healthcare (5 Salaries)Physician Assistant1 – 6 yrs exp3.2L 2.2L4.5L
Jupiter Hospital (8 Salaries)Physician Assistant1 – 12 yrs exp4L 3L5.6L
KIMS Hospital (6 Salaries)Physician Assistant2 – 10 yrs exp3.5L 2.4L4.2L
Kovai Medical Center and Hospital (5 Salaries)Physician Assistant0 – 2 yrs
2L 0.2L3.2L
MIOT INTERNATIONAL (7 Salaries)Physician Assistant0 – 4 yrs exp2.6L 2.2L2.9L
Narayana Health (18 Salaries)Physician Assistant0 – 12 yrs exp3.5L 0.7L4.8L
Seven Hills Hospital (7 Salaries)Physician Assistant0 – 7 yrs exp3.6L 0.6L7.2L
Yashoda Hospitals (11 Salaries)Physician Assistant1 – 8 yrs exp3.9L 2L6L