Physician assistant salary in Ghana

If you want to know that how much money earn Physician Assistant I mean if you want to know that Physician assistant salary in Ghana then follow the bellow charts. The short answer is; median salary range is GH₵93120 per Year, 10% salary range is GH₵45600 per Year and highest salary range is GH₵145200 per Year by 90% increment.

Physician assistant salary in ghana Diagram

Physician assistant salary in ghana

Job TitleAvg
Physical Therapist7,630 GHS-2%
Physical Therapy Director9,560 GHS+23%
Physician – Anesthesiology17,500 GHS+130%
Physician – Cardiology18,500 GHS+140%
Physician – CCU10,300 GHS+33%
Physician – Dermatology14,200 GHS+83%
Physician – Emergency Room10,500 GHS+35%
Physician – Endocrinology14,500 GHS+87%
Physician – Family Practice9,940 GHS+28%
Physician – Gastroenterology13,200 GHS+70%
Physician – Generalist10,400 GHS+34%
Physician – Geriatrics8,830 GHS+14%
Physician – Hematology / Oncology13,400 GHS+73%
Physician – Immunology / Allergy14,800 GHS+91%
Physician – Infectious Disease12,400 GHS+60%
Physician – Internal Medicine14,900 GHS+92%
Physician – Maternal / Fetal Medicine11,700 GHS+51%
Physician – Nephrology15,500 GHS+100%
Physician – Neurology15,300 GHS+97%
Physician – Nuclear Medicine12,700 GHS+64%
Physician – Obstetrics / Gynecology13,200 GHS+70%
Physician – Occupational Medicine10,000 GHS+29%
Physician – Ophthalmology9,260 GHS+19%
Physician – Otolaryngology9,430 GHS+22%
Physician – Pain Medicine8,650 GHS+11%
Physician – Pathology10,800 GHS+39%
Physician – Pediatric Cardiology13,100 GHS+69%
Physician – Pediatric Neonatology12,300 GHS+59%
Physician – Pediatrics12,100 GHS+56%
Physician – Physiatry12,900 GHS+66%
Physician – Podiatry11,600 GHS+50%
Physician – Pulmonary Medicine9,030 GHS+16%
Physician – Radiation Therapy14,500 GHS+87%
Physician – Radiology14,300 GHS+84%
Physician – Rheumatology13,700 GHS+77%
Physician – Sports Medicine13,300 GHS+71%
Physician – Urology16,900 GHS+120%
Physician Assistant7,760 GHS+0%