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Unlock the secrets of the 🧡 Orange Heart Emoji, a symbol that’s more than just a pretty face. It’s a digital heartbeat that conveys a spectrum of emotions and connections. Dive into the world of this vibrant emoji and discover its hidden depths.

🧡 Orange Heart Emoji Meanings

The 🧡 Orange Heart Emoji is a symbol of love, warmth, happiness, enthusiasm, and friendship. It can be used to convey various positive feelings and emotions, such as:

  • Romantic love: You can use the 🧡 Orange Heart Emoji to show your romantic interest or attraction to someone. It can also represent a passionate or fiery relationship, or a love that is full of energy and excitement. For example, you can say “I 🧡 you so much, you are my sunshine” or “You make my heart 🧡 with joy”.
  • Platonic love: You can use the 🧡 Orange Heart Emoji to express your affection and appreciation for your friends, family, or anyone else you care about. It can also signify a strong bond or connection with someone, or a friendship that is based on loyalty and trust. For example, you can say “You are such a good friend, I 🧡 you” or “We are 🧡 buddies for life”.
  • Happiness and optimism: You can use the 🧡 Orange Heart Emoji to show your happiness and positivity, or to spread some cheer and encouragement to others. It can also represent a sunny and bright outlook on life, or a sense of joy and gratitude. For example, you can say “I’m feeling 🧡 today, everything is going great” or “You are amazing, keep up the good work 🧡”.
  • Enthusiasm and interest: You can use the 🧡 Orange Heart Emoji to show your enthusiasm and interest in something or someone, or to express your support and admiration for something or someone. It can also indicate that you are passionate or excited about something, or that you have a lot of fun doing something. For example, you can say “I 🧡 this movie, it’s so awesome” or “You are so talented, I 🧡 your art”.

Emoji History

The 🧡 Orange Heart Emoji was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017, along with other heart emojis in different colors, such as 💛 Yellow Heart, 💚 Green Heart, 💙 Blue Heart, and 💜 Purple Heart. These emojis were designed to offer more options and diversity for expressing various feelings and emotions, as well as to complement the existing ❤️ Red Heart and 🖤 Black Heart emojis.

The 🧡 Orange Heart Emoji is also known as the Peach Heart, the Tangerine Heart, or the Sunset Heart, because of its resemblance to these fruits and natural phenomena. Some people also associate it with the Halloween Heart, because of its connection to the color orange and the spooky holiday.

Combinations with 🧡 Orange Heart Emoji

The 🧡 Orange Heart Emoji can be combined with other emojis to create different meanings and messages. Here are some examples of common and popular combinations with the 🧡 Orange Heart Emoji:

  • 🧡🍊🍑: This combination can mean “I love oranges and peaches”, or “You are sweet and juicy like an orange and a peach”.
  • 🧡🌅🌄: This combination can mean “I love sunsets and sunrises”, or “You are beautiful and radiant like a sunset and a sunrise”.
  • 🧡🎃👻: This combination can mean “I love Halloween and spooky things”, or “You are fun and scary like a pumpkin and a ghost”.
  • 🧡🔥🌶️: This combination can mean “I love fire and spicy food”, or “You are hot and spicy like a fire and a chili pepper”.
  • 🧡🐯🦁: This combination can mean “I love tigers and lions”, or “You are fierce and majestic like a tiger and a lion”.
  • 🧡🏀🏆: This combination can mean “I love basketball and winning”, or “You are a champion and a star like a basketball and a trophy”.
  • 🧡🍁🍂: This combination can mean “I love autumn and falling leaves”, or “You are cozy and colorful like a maple leaf and a fallen leaf”.
  • 🧡🍪🍰: This combination can mean “I love cookies and cake”, or “You are sweet and delicious like a cookie and a cake”.
  • 🧡🎵🎶: This combination can mean “I love music and singing”, or “You are melodious and harmonious like a musical note and a musical score”.
  • 🧡🌻🌼: This combination can mean “I love sunflowers and daisies”, or “You are sunny and cheerful like a sunflower and a daisy”.

Emoji General Information

Full Name🧡 Orange Heart
Unicode Nameorange heart
Apple NameOrange Heart
Also Known AsPeach Heart, Tangerine Heart, Sunset Heart, Halloween Heart
CategorySmileys & Emotion
Unicode (fully-qualified)U+1F9E1
Unicode VersionUnicode 10.0 (2017)

Emoji Encoding Data (Code)

Shortcode (GitHub, Slack, Discord):orange_heart:
C, C++ & Python\U0001F9E1
Java, JavaScript & JSON\uD83E\uDDE1
PHP & Ruby\u{1F9E1}
URL Escape Code%F0%9F%A7%A1
UTF-8 Encoding0xF0 0x9F 0xA7 0xA1
UTF-16 EncodingD83E DDE1
UTF-32 Encoding0001F9E1

Relevant Emojis

💛Yellow HeartA symbol of friendship, happiness, and joy.
💚Green HeartA symbol of nature, growth, and harmony.
💙Blue HeartA symbol of trust, loyalty, and peace.
💜Purple HeartA symbol of nobility, royalty, and mystery.
🤎Brown HeartA symbol of earthiness, warmth, and comfort.
🤍White HeartA symbol of purity, innocence, and hope.

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