Harry Potter: The 15 Most Admirable Ravenclaw Traits

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See the most latest and the ultimate list of Harry Potter: The 15 Most Admirable Ravenclaw Traits.

Most Admirable Ravenclaw Traits

1BEST: Quick-Thinking
2BEST: Witty
3BEST: Creative
4BEST: Independent
5BEST: Individualism
6BEST: Intelligent
7BEST: Intuitive
8BEST: Wise
9WORST: Calculating
10WORST: Oblivious
11WORST: Cold
12WORST: Distant
13WORST: Judgemental
14WORST: Perfectionism
15WORST: Self-Important
Ravenclaw Traits

Ravenclaw Traits

  • WORST: Self-Important
  • WORST: Perfectionism
  • WORST: Judgemental
  • WORST: Distant
  • WORST: Cold
  • WORST: Oblivious
  • WORST: Calculating
  • BEST: Wise
  • BEST: Intuitive
  • BEST: Intelligent
  • BEST: Individualism
  • BEST: Independent
  • BEST: Creative
  • BEST: Witty
  • BEST: Quick-Thinking.

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