List of South African Flags with Images

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RankingFlag Image
1Red Ensign100px Red Ensign of South Africa %281910%E2%80%931912%29.svg
2Union of South Africa100px Red Ensign of South Africa %281912%E2%80%931951%29.svg
3Flag of South Africa100px Flag of South Africa %281928%E2%80%931994%29.svg
Flag of South Africa
100px Flag of South Africa.svg
5Natalia Republic100px Flag of Natalia Republic.svg
6Orange Free State100px Flag of the Orange Free State.svg
7South African Republic (Transvaal Republic)100px Flag of Transvaal.svg
8South African Republic (Transvaal Republic) – 1874–1875100px Burgers flag.svg
91875–1910 Colony of Natal100px Flag of the Natal Colony %281875%E2%80%931910%29.svg
101876–1910 Cape Colony100px Flag of the Cape Colony %281876%E2%80%931910%29.svg
11State of Goshen100px Flag of the Republic of Goshen.svg
12Stellaland100px Flag of Stellaland.svg
131884–1888 Nieuwe Republiek100px Flag of Nieuwe Republiek.svg
141890–1891 Klein Vrystaat100px Flag of Klein Vrystaat 2.svg
151902–1910 Orange River Colony100px Flag of Orange River Colony.svg
161904–1910 Transvaal Colony100px Flag of the Transvaal Colony %281904%E2%80%931910%29.svg
17Klein Vrystaat100px Red Ensign of South Africa %281910%E2%80%931912%29.svg
181910–1912 Union of South Africa (Merchant flag)100px Blue Ensign of South Africa %281910%E2%80%931912%29.svg
191928–1982 Republic/Union of South Africa100px Flag of South Africa %281982%E2%80%931994%29.svg
20Transkei100px Flag of Transkei.svg
21Bophuthatswana100px Flag of Bophuthatswana %281972%E2%80%931994%29.svg
22Ciskei100px Flag of Ciskei.svg
23Gazankulu100px Flag of Gazankulu.svg
24Venda100px Flag of Venda %281973%E2%80%931994%29.svg
25Lebowa100px Flag of Lebowa.svg
26QwaQwa100px Flag of QwaQwa %281975%E2%80%931994%29.svg
27KwaZulu100px Flag of KwaZulu %281977%E2%80%931985%29.svg
28KwaNdebele100px Flag of KwaNdbele.svg
291985–1994 KwaZulu100px Flag of KwaZulu %281985%E2%80%931994%29.svg


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