List of Second World Countries in the World

See the complete List of Second World Countries (2nd world countries) in the World.

List of 2nd world countries

NoCountryRegionPart of.
1AlbaniaSouthern Europe*
2ArmeniaWestern AsiaSoviet Union
3AzerbaijanWestern AsiaSoviet Union
4BelarusEastern EuropeSoviet Union
5Bosnia and HerzegovinaSouthern EuropeYugoslavia
6BulgariaEastern Europe 
7CroatiaSouthern EuropeYugoslavia
8Czech RepublicEastern EuropeCzechoslovakia
9EstoniaNorthern Europeannexed by the Soviet Union**
10GeorgiaWestern AsiaSoviet Union
11East GermanyWestern Europe
12HungaryEastern Europe
13KazakhstanSouth-Central AsiaSoviet Union
14KyrgyzstanSouth-Central AsiaSoviet Union
15LatviaNorthern Europeannexed by Soviet Union**
16LithuaniaNorthern Europeannexed by Soviet Union**
17Macedonia, Rep. ofSouthern EuropeYugoslavia
18MoldovaEastern EuropeSoviet Union
20PolandEastern Europe
21RomaniaEastern Europe
22RussiaNorthern Europe/AsiaSoviet Union
23SerbiaSouthern EuropeYugoslavia
24SlovakiaEastern EuropeCzechoslovakia
25SloveniaSouthern EuropeYugoslavia
26TajikistanSouth-Central AsiaSoviet Union
27TurkmenistanSouth-Central AsiaSoviet Union
28UkraineEastern EuropeSoviet Union
29UzbekistanSouth-Central AsiaSoviet Union

The second world is a term that refers to countries that are not in the first world. The second world countries or second world countries are countries that have the standard of living that is lower than the first world countries.

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