Best: List of Reasons to Quit Your Job

See the complete List Of Reasons To Quit Your Job.

Sl. reasons
1  Career Change
2  Difficult Work Environment
3  Going Back to School
4  Illness
5  Relocation
6  Schedules and Hours
7  What Your Gut Tells You
8  You Found a New Job
9  You Got a Permanent Position
10  You Hate Your Job
11 Acquisition or merger.
12 Being laid off or let go for “good cause” during annual budgeting.
13 Better compensation.
14 Better or different leadership.
15 Career advancement
16 Career change to a new industry.
17 Change of job description and no longer being passionate.
18 Company downsizing
19 Company downturn.
20 Company restructuring and layoffs.
21 Company restructuring.
22 Desire to change career paths. …
23 Desiring to travel full-time and seeking only part-time employment or contract work.
24 Family circumstances. 
25 Feeling a need to make a change after a number of years of employment.
26 Feeling the need to retire. Or having work/life balance.
27 Getting married and needing to reevaluate career paths.
28 Identified a better opportunity. …
29 Let go or laid off.
30 Looking for a job with a more flexible schedule.
31 Looking for career growth. Depending on how companies are structured, some may provide more opportunities to grow than others. …
32 Needing to relocate due to family reasons.
33 A hostile working environment.
34 Desiring to switch departments.
35 Feeling like the workplace was unethical.
36 Feeling like unfair treatment was happening in the workplace.
37 Leaving due to general job dissatisfaction.
38 Leaving due to the travel distance to work.
39 No longer can lift heavy objects
40 No opportunity to move from part-time to full-time.
41 Unhappy with the management of the business.
42 Needing to relocate due to spousal reasons.
43 Organizational changes, resulting in layoffs to a specific department.
44 Professional development.
45 Seeking a different work environment.
46 The company decided to outsource the job title.
47 A better opportunity to advance specific skills.
48 A job opportunity that aligns with career goals more acutely.
49 Being offered a full-time position if a seasonal position.
50 Being offered a permanent position if part-time.
51 Desiring to be exposed to new types of work and functional areas.
52 Desiring to make a career change and career path change.
53 Leaving due to high salary or better benefits.
54 Seeking career growth and upward mobility.
55 Wanting a new challenge after a number of years of employment.
56 Wanting to fill an employment gap.
57 Family health reasons and needed to focus on that.
58 Parental health reasons and needed to focus on that.
59 Personal health reasons and needed to focus on that.

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