Ultimate: List of Reasons for Leaving Job

See the latest and ultimate List of Reasons for Leaving Job. If you want to leave a job/company then you can use these reasons for leaving the job.

Reasons For Leaving a Job

  • Career focus changed.
  • Caring for a sick family member.
  • Coping with an illness yourself which has passed.
  • Discharged.
  • Involuntary separation.
  • Job ended.
  • Lack of growth opportunities at the company.
  • Laid-off due to restructuring.
  • Laid-off from a job due to corporate merger.
  • Landed a higher-paying job.
  • Left for the beginning of the fall semester
  • Left to devote more time to academics
  • Left to focus on varsity baseball during the spring.
  • Looking for a new challenge
  • Moved on to a position with more responsibilities
  • Moved to be closer to family
  • Offered a new position from another company
  • The position ended after the summer.
  • Position was eliminated
  • The position was part-time, contract, or temporary.
  • Pursuing other opportunities
  • Resigned
  • Spouse transferred to a new city
  • Stay-at-home parent for young children
  • Terminated
  • Voluntary separation
  • Went back to school on a full-time basis.
List of Reasons for Leaving Job
reason for leaving a job

List of reasons for leaving a job

  • Always be upfront and take responsibility
  • Don’t be vague
  • Don’t make it sound like money is the only thing you care about
  • Don’t rush to bring it up if they don’t ask
  • Don’t say you had a fight with a coworker, and definitely don’t try to then blame them for it
  • Don’t sound impulsive or scattered in terms of what you want in your career
  • Never badmouth, especially if you were fired
  • Practice your answer so you do not hesitate
  • A former boss or colleague recruited me to join their company
  • I didn’t feel the job was using my abilities to the fullest or challenging me enough
  • I had been with this company for a number of years and learned a lot, but felt ready for a change
  • I left for an opportunity to advance my career
  • I left my last job to take time to start a family
  • I left to work on a product I was very passionate about
  • I revaluated my career goals and decided a change was needed
  • I resigned from my last job to take care of a family issue
  • I took a position with a company that was closer to my home
  • I wanted to take on new responsibilities that this role and company couldn’t offer
  • I was fired.

What are some good reasons for leaving a job

  • I was hired for a certain role, but over time that changed and I was no longer being given the opportunity to do the work I was interested in.
  • I was no longer finding the work fulfilling or enjoying my work as much.
  • I was offered a promotion at another company
  • I was offered a significant pay increase
  • I went back to school to pursue a Master’s Degree (or Ph.D., etc.
  • My department brought in a new manager and I felt it was the right time to leave.
  • My position was eliminated and I was laid off
  • The company you worked for went out of business
  • You are looking for a new challenge
  • You decided to go back to school
  • You decided to relocate to a new city
  • You don’t like the hours at your current job
  • You feel undervalued in your current role
  • You found a better opportunity.

Good reasons for leaving a job / Company

  • You had to leave due to family or personal reasons.
  • You had to leave for health reasons that have since been resolved.
  • You want a job with better career growth opportunities.
  • You want to change career paths.
  • You wanted to work in a different industry.
  • You were laid off or let go.
  • I didn’t feel there was an opportunity to grow or advance further in that role so I decided a change would be best for my career.
  • I had been with the organization for a number of years and wanted to experience a new environment to continue growing.
  • You’d like additional compensation.
  • Your personality didn’t align with the company culture.
  • Your values no longer align with the company mission.

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