List of Jobs and Salaries in Canada

See the best List of Jobs And Salaries in Canada.

Construction Manager  83,000 CAD/year
Dentist  93,600 CAD/year
Engineering Manager  106,000 CAD/year
 Mining and Quarrying Supervisor  83,200 CAD/year
 Nurse Practitioner  104,000 CAD/year
 Pipefitting Supervisor  81,000 CAD/year
 Power Systems Electrician  86,000 CAD/year
Public Administration Director  110,000 CAD/year
Scientific Research Manager  102,000 CAD/year
Utilities Manager  114,000 CAD/year
Dentist  75,000 CAD/year
Lawyer  135,000 CAD/year
Miner/Oil and Gas Driller  77,250 CAD/year
Physician/Doctor  150,000 CAD/year
Registered Nurses  74,000 CAD/year

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