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See the List of Job Accomplishments.

1 Chosen for the team lead on 15 design projects in 2016, 30% more projects led than any other team members
2 Digitized company’s internal microfilm library of more than 5,000 files
3 Directed 25 events per year, including complex public events with more than 20,000 attendees
4 Gave final approval on more than 50 pieces of new curriculum in the foreign languages department during the Spring semester of 2017
5 Grew working capital by 30% in 6 months, allowing the company to take advantage of better resources for continued growth
6 Implemented company-wide work from home policy, resulting in an 87% increase in employee satisfaction, a 21% increase in productivity, and a 38% decrease in PTO usage
7 Managed and deployed profitable Facebook ad campaigns with a monthly budget of $20,000
8 Received 2 promotions, from co-management to director-level, in less than 12-months
9 Reimagined business development strategy to include a 20% increase in Salesforce, resulting in $550M in increased profits YoY
10 Scheduled and staffed coaching sessions for 70 weekly athletics classes
11 Set up and trained staff of 15 on how to use Microsoft Azure platform for cloud computing purposes
12 Steered company through a complicated re-organization, resulting in a 75% increase in profits with minimal employee turnover
13 Went above my duties as office administrator to implement a filing system for human resources, organizing more than 300 past and current employee documents
14Additional training you completed and professional certifications you received
15Blogging and influencing on social media
16Funding, grants or scholarships you received
17Ideas or innovations you introduced
18Industry awards you won (i.e., Best Digital Marketing Campaign Award)
19Media coverage you gained for the company
20Money you saved for the company
21Other accomplishments such as volunteering or achievements in sports
22Popular publications, reports or presentations you (co)authored
23Problems you identified and solved
24Procedures or systems you developed, implemented, or optimized
25Promotions to higher positions you got in your job
26Revenue or sales you increased for the company
27Special projects you worked on
28Time you saved for the company
29Work-related awards you won (i.e., Salesperson of The Year)

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