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1United States of America2,260 km  1,404.3 miles
2Saint Helena2,291.9 km  1,424.1 miles
3Greenland3,337.3 km  2,073.7 miles
4Saint Pierre and Miquelon3,521.8 km  2,188.4 miles
5Mexico3,624.2 km  2,252 miles
6Bermuda4,137.4 km  2,570.8 miles
7Bahamas4,168.6 km  2,590.2 miles
8Cuba4,504.9 km  2,799.2 miles
9Belize4,580.5 km  2,846.2 miles
10Cayman Islands4,598 km  2,857 miles
11Guatemala4,686.8 km  2,912.2 miles
12Turks and Caicos Islands4,758.7 km  2,956.9 miles
13Honduras4,858.1 km  3,018.7 miles
14Jamaica4,872.6 km  3,027.7 miles
15El Salvador4,935.3 km  3,066.7 miles
16Haiti5,005.5 km  3,110.3 miles
17Dominican Republic5,129 km  3,187 miles
18Nicaragua5,138.3 km  3,192.8 miles
19U.S. Virgin Islands5,430.9 km  3,374.6 miles
20British Virgin Islands5,436 km  3,377.8 miles
21Costa Rica5,515.1 km  3,426.9 miles
22Anguilla5,537.5 km  3,440.8 miles
23Panama5,739.5 km  3,566.4 miles
24Aruba5,759 km  3,578.5 miles
25Netherlands Antilles5,830.5 km  3,622.9 miles

While many people consider Canada to be a nation of peace-loving hippies, this stereotype is relatively new. For centuries, Canada was mostly ignored by the rest of the world, and it was only in the early 1900s that the country began to draw attention. In recent years, Canada has become a force to be reckoned with, as it has seen a boom in its economy and population.

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