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The page is for Liberia country code. If you want to call your country to Liberia this page can help you most. We also provide here Liberia related all information!

Here we have mentioned Liberia iso2, iso3, top level domain, fips, iso numeric, geo name id, e164, phone code, continent, capital, time zone in capital, currency, language codes, languages, area km2, internet hosts, internet users, phones (mobile), phones (landline), and GDP.

Liberia Full Information in English

Country NameLiberia
Top Level Domainlr
ISO Numeric430
Geo Name ID2275384
Phone Code231
Time Zone in CapitalAfrica/Monrovia
Language Codesen-LR
LanguagesEnglish 20% (official), some 20 ethnic group languages few of which can be written or used in correspondence
Area KM2111370
Internet Hosts7
Internet Users20000
Phones (Mobile)2394000
Phones (Landline)3200

Liberia country phone numbers:

The country phone number of Liberia is 231.

Liberia country code number:

The country phone number of Liberia is 231.

Liberia country time zone name:

The time zone name of Liberia is 231.

Liberia Country Code Number, Phone Numbers, Time Zone And All

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