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Julian Perretta is a Singer, songwriter. In this article we have shared Julian Perretta waist size inches, waist meter, height cm, height in inch, height foot, age in 2022, age, eye color, gender, dress size, ethnicity, hair color, height, hips size, biceps size, birth date, breast size, nationality, occupation, place of birth, shoe size, waist size, zodiac, weight kg, weight lbs, weight ounce, waist cm, age in 2023, age in 2024, age in 2025, and net worth.

Julian Perretta Height Measurements

in foot6.66 Foot
in centimeters (cm)203 cm
in Inch80 Inch
Julian Perretta Bio
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Wiki of Julian Perretta

waist in Inch25 in
height centimeter203 cm
Full NameJulian Perretta
waist (Meter)0.64 Meter
Waist cm65 cm
Biceps size20 in / 51 cm
weight in (ounce)3457 Ounce
Place of birth:England
Age in 2022 34 Years
Eye color:Light brown
age in 2025 37 Years
Weight Kg98 kg
Weight [LBS]216 LBS
Shoe size:UPDATING
Age 2024: 36 Years
Zodiac sign:Capricorn
height in Inch80 Inch
Hair :Dark brown
Size of Breast UPDATING
Occupations:Singer, songwriter
Age 2023: 35 Years
Height in Foot6.66 Foot
dress sizeUPDATING
Julian Perretta Bio

Net worth of Julian Perretta

Latest net worth of Julian Perretta is $19 Million (nearly).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Julian Perretta:

Current Age of Julian Perretta

Julian Perretta is 34 Years old in 2022. 35 Years old in 2023. 36 Years old in 2024.

Julian Perretta Height Weight

Julian Perretta height and weight is 6.66 Foot & 98 kg.

Height of Julian Perretta?

Julian Perretta height is 6.66 Foot.

Julian Perretta Birth date

Julian Perretta date of birth is 13/01/2022.

What is The Julian Perretta Weight?

Julian Perretta weight is 98 kg.

How tall is Julian Perretta in CM?

Julian Perretta is 203 cm tall.

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