Jobs that Start at $18 An Hour

There are many jobs available that offer a starting wage of $18 per hour or more. From delivery drivers and customer service representatives to medical billing and coding specialists and security guards, there are a variety of industries and positions that pay well.

Even positions in trade industries such as electricians and carpenters offer opportunities for entry-level positions with competitive pay. Additionally, fields such as landscaping and personal training offer opportunities for those with a passion for the outdoors or fitness.

Jobs that Start at  An Hour
Fashion Designer

Jobs Starting at 18 An Hour

  1. Delivery driver – Delivering packages, food, or other items to customers can pay $18 per hour or more depending on the company and location.
  2. Customer service representative – Working in a call center or as a customer service representative for a company can pay $18 per hour or more.
  3. Data entry clerk – Entering data into a computer system can pay $18 per hour or more depending on the company and location.
  4. Medical billing and coding specialist – Medical billing and coding specialists help healthcare providers get paid for their services and can earn $18 per hour or more.
  5. Warehouse worker – Working in a warehouse or distribution center can pay $18 per hour or more depending on the company and location.
  6. Landscaper – Landscapers can earn $18 per hour or more depending on their experience and location.
  7. Security guard – Working as a security guard for a company or organization can pay $18 per hour or more depending on the location and level of responsibility.
  8. Electrician’s assistant – Assisting an electrician with installations and repairs can pay $18 per hour or more depending on the company and location.
  9. Carpenter’s assistant – Assisting a carpenter with building and repair projects can pay $18 per hour or more depending on the company and location.
  10. Personal trainer – Working as a personal trainer can pay $18 per hour or more depending on the gym or studio and location.
Jobs that Start at 18 An Hour
Dental Assistant

$18 An Hour Jobs

  1. Accounting or Bookkeeping Clerk
  2. Administrative Assistant
  3. Aircraft Mechanic
  4. Auto Body Repairer
  5. Auto Mechanic
  6. Avionics Technician
  7. Broadcast or Sound Engineering Technician
  8. Cardiovascular Technologist
  9. Carpenter
  10. Commercial Diver
  11. Construction Laborer
  12. Customer Service Representative
  13. Delivery Truck or Van Driver
  14. Dental Assistant
  15. Dental Hygienist
  16. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
  17. Dispensing Optician
  18. Drafting Technician
  19. Electrician
  20. Engineering Technician
  21. Esthetician
  22. Fashion Designer
  23. Film or Video Editor
  24. Fitness Trainer
  25. Garbage or Recycling Collector
  26. General Office Clerk
  27. Graphic Designer
  28. Heavy Equipment Mechanic
  29. Human Resources Assistant
  30. HVAC Mechanic
  31. Industrial Machinery Mechanic
  32. Interior Designer
  33. Locksmith
  34. Medical Assistant
  35. Medical Coder or Health Information Technician
  36. Medical Laboratory Technician
  37. Medical Office Assistant
  38. Medical Transcriptionist
  39. Mobile App Developer
  40. Motorcycle Mechanic
  41. Multimedia Artist or Animator
  42. Occupational Therapy Assistant
  43. Oil and Gas Roustabout
  44. Paralegal or Legal Assistant
  45. Paramedic or Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  46. Pharmacy Technician
  47. Phlebotomist
  48. Photographer
  49. Physical Therapist Assistant
  50. Plumber
  51. Private Investigator
  52. Radiologic Technologist
  53. Real Estate Agent
  54. Sales Representative
  55. Small Engine Mechanic
  56. Social or Human Services Assistant
  57. Surgical Technologist
  58. Theatrical Makeup Artist
  59. Travel Agent
  60. Veterinary Tech
  61. Welder
  62. Wind Turbine Technician

High-Paying Jobs Starting at $18 an Hour with No Experience

Are you looking for well-paying jobs but lack experience? Good news! There are plenty of opportunities that offer starting pay of $18 per hour or more, even without prior experience.

  1. Customer Service Representative: Answer customer inquiries and resolve issues over the phone or online.
  2. Warehouse Associate: Help with packing, shipping, and inventory management in a warehouse environment.
  3. Security Guard: Provide surveillance, protect property, and maintain safety at various locations.
  4. Medical Billing and Coding Specialist: Assign codes to medical procedures and diagnoses for billing purposes.
  5. Production Worker: Operate machinery, assemble products, and perform quality checks in a manufacturing setting.
  6. Administrative Assistant: Provide administrative support, manage appointments, and handle office tasks.
  7. Delivery Driver: Transport goods and packages to designated locations using a company vehicle.
  8. Cashier: Handle cash transactions, provide customer service, and maintain a clean checkout area.
  9. Landscaping Laborer: Assist with lawn care, planting, and outdoor maintenance tasks.
  10. Data Entry Clerk: Enter data into computer systems, maintain accuracy and confidentiality.
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