Jailer/Training Officer: Job Description, Duties and Requirements

Do you know what is the role of a jailer or a training officer? This article tells you about the duties and responsibilities of a jailer.

Jailer/Training Officer Job Description

The Jails and crime facilities of a county or municipality provide safe, secure living quarters for the community’s prisoners.

The law enforcement agencies responsible for administration of jails include sheriffs departments, correctional centers/correctional officer job openings , state police academies and district attorneys associations .

These establishments are places where offenders who have been sentenced to a term in jail can serve out their terms.

Jailer/Training Officer: Job Description, Duties and Requirements

They are the prison-like facilities where county law enforcement offices participate in treatment of criminals according to jails, treat people accused or convicted of crime, and segregate dangerous offenders under public supervision who still pose a threat to their community.

The duties for this position would require someone that has previous minimum jailer training underneath probation/parole processes for running an institution that houses felons awaiting trial either alone or with others before appearing in front of a jury .

Jailer/Training Officer Job Details:

  • The Mean Annual Wage for Jailers is $47,670.00 per year
  • The Mean Annual Wage for Training Officers is $54,820.64 per year For the first 7 years of employment you will be paid on a semi-monthly basis earning an hourly wage of approximately .097(e=3). After your first seven years (years 8 through 14) fulltime employees receive commencement pay which totals approximately 1% of total base salary.

Jailer/Training Officer Requirements:

Minimum of 60 hours of related training and experience; Law Enforcement; 3 years as a Jails Officer with the following: at least 10 months supervisory/leadership, at least 4 months as correctional officer using handcuffs only. Must be knowledgeable about the Blue Book.

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