I Love You in 9 South African Languages πŸ’—- Copy and Paste 🌹

Celebrate love across South Africa! πŸ’— Copy and paste this affectionate message expressing “I Love You” in nine South African languages. Share this diverse expression of love with your special someone! 🌹

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Zulu: Ngiyakuthanda. πŸ’–
Xhosa: Ndiyakuthanda. ❀️
Afrikaans: Ek het jou lief. πŸ’•
Sotho: Kea u rata. 🌹
Tswana: Kea go rata. 🌺
Swazi: Ngiyakutsandza. πŸ’˜
Venda: Ndi o rine vhukuma. 😘
Ndebele: Ngiyakuthanda. πŸ’ž
Tsonga: Ndzakurhandza. πŸ’—

I Love You in 9 South African Languages
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