▷ Hangul Filler ❝Unicode 3164❞ Copy and Paste

Elevate your text with Hangul Filler ❝Unicode 3164❞ (Code U+3164) – Copy and Paste to add a unique touch to your messages. Embrace the beauty of Hangul space script and enhance your communication effortlessly! 🌟🖋️

Space Code U+3164

Copy the Hangul Filler by clicking Copy button.

Hangul Filler (U+3164) is a non-space character that is displayed as a unique space, blank. It is used to introduce eight-byte Hangul composition sequences and to stand in for an absent element (usually an empty final) in such a sequence.

It can be used to send an empty WhatsApp message or to have an invisible name in Among Us/Minecraft/Free Fire.

Hangul Filler Shortcodes:

HTML Codeㅤ
CSS Code\3164
HEX Codeㅤ

Also Use our another tool:

Unicode 3164 Copy Paste

You can use this special character on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Free fire (game) and anywhere you want.

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