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Prefix For Word

de-away, down, from, reverse, oppositedecode, decrease
dis-not, opposite, reverse, awaydisagree, disappear
ex-away from, former, out of, lackingexhale, explosion
il-notillegal, illogical
im-not, withoutimpossible, improper
in-not, withoutinaction, invisible
mis-bad, wrongmislead, misplace
non-notnonfiction, nonsense
pre-beforeprefix, prehistory
pro-before, for, forwardproactive, profess, program
re-again, backreact, reappear
un-against, not, oppositeundo, unequal, unusual

Suffix Words List

-yfull of, denoting a condition, or a diminutiveglory, messy, victory
-nessdenoting a state or conditionkindness, wilderness
-lyforming an adjectiveclearly, hourly
-lesswithout, not affected byfriendless, tireless
-ingdenoting an action, a material, or a gerundacting, showing
-ilyforming an adverbeerily, happily, lazily
-ibleforming an adjectivereversible, terrible
-fulfull ofbeautiful, grateful
-estsuperlativestrongest, tiniest
-ercomparativebigger, stronger
-alrelating toannual comical
-ableable to, having the quality ofcomfortable, portable
Examples of Prefixes and Suffixes • Prefix For Word

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