🥩 Cut of Meat Emoji Meanings — Instant Copy and Paste

🥩 The Cut of Meat emoji depicts a juicy piece of meat, often associated with steaks, barbecue, and grilling. It’s used to represent a delicious meat dish, cooking, or cravings for a hearty meal. This emoji is perfect for expressing your love for meaty delights.


Emoji History

The Cut of Meat emoji was introduced in 2014 as part of Unicode 7.0. It quickly became a favorite among food lovers and grill enthusiasts. The icon’s realistic appearance makes it a versatile choice for conveying a range of meat-related emotions and activities.

Emoji General Information

Unicode Character🥩
Unicode NameCut of Meat
CategoryFood & Drink

Unicode Category Information & Emoji Character Encoding Data

Unicode CategoryEmoji Character Encoding Data
Unicode Version7.0
Unicode BlockMiscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
Emoji Version1.0
Character Count1
Character EncodingUTF-8

Technical Information

Unicode NameCut of Meat
Apple NameMeat
Also Known AsSteak Emoji, Barbecue Meat
Shortcodes:meat:, :steak:
Relevant Emojis🍖 🥓 🍔 🍗

Bottom Line

The 🥩 Cut of Meat emoji is your go-to symbol for expressing your love for meat, grilling adventures, or simply your desire for a tasty steak. Its realistic depiction and versatility make it a favorite among food enthusiasts and grill masters. So, next time you’re planning a barbecue or craving a delicious steak, don’t forget to include this emoji in your message for that extra flavor!

Copy and paste 🥩 to savor the taste of meat in your conversations!

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