Civil Engineer vs Structural Engineer

Do you know that many jobs are in need of structural engineers but there are not enough people to fill the job profile? This article talks about civil engineers vs structural engineers and how it can help you in getting a job in this domain.

civil engineer vs structural engineer

Topic Name: What’s the difference?

  • 1. Structural engineering and civil engineering are two fields of engineering that deal with the analysis, design, and construction of infrastructure projects. All structural engineers are civil engineers, but not every civil engineer is a structural engineer.
  • 2. Structural engineering is more concerned about inspecting the materials used for, whereas civil engineering is concerned about design elements
  • 3. For example, Civil Engineering will pay attention to designing an airport while Structural Engineering would be responsible for safety inspections and quality assurance.

The post title refers to the difference between civil engineers and structural engineers. It is not correct that they are two types of engineer, there exist many similarities between them;

They both deal with analysis, design, and construction but structure engineer focuses more on concrete structures while Civil Engineer deals more about roads and other infrastructure like airport, etc take plates away from columns (a common term used in Structural Engineering).

Although Structural Engineers are concerned more about infrastructure but the term infrastructure actually means civil structure.

Structural Engineers are responsible to perform safety inspections and quality assurance, whereas Civil engineers concern themselves with designing areas like airports.

The structural engineer is responsible for taking out plates away from columns (a common terminology in structural engineering) which hinders the construction process. Take a look at these example structures!

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