🫑 Bell Pepper Emoji Meanings — Instant Copy and Paste

The 🫑 Bell Pepper emoji may seem simple at first glance, but it holds a world of meanings and uses in the realm of digital communication. In this article, we’ll dive into the history, general information, technical details, and relevant emojis associated with the 🫑 Bell Pepper. Discover how you can add some zest to your messaging by understanding the various connotations of this emoji.

Bell Pepper Emoji Copy and Paste


Emoji History

The 🫑 Bell Pepper emoji, introduced to the Unicode family in 2020, was part of the Unicode 13.0 update. While it may not have a long history, it has quickly become a staple in conversations around food, cooking, and healthy eating.

Emoji General Information

Category🫑 Bell Pepper Emoji
Unicode Version13.0
Release Year2020
FamilyFood & Drink
KeywordsBell, Pepper, Vegetable, Healthy, Cooking

Technical & Unicode Information

CodepointsUnicode NameApple NameAlso Known AsShortcodes
U+1F9E1Bell PepperBell PepperGreen Pepper:bell_pepper:

Relevant Emojis

🌶️Hot PepperA spicy, red chili pepper.
🍅TomatoA red, ripe tomato.
🥕CarrotAn orange carrot, often associated with healthy eating.
🥦BroccoliA green broccoli floret, symbolizing health and nutrition.

Bottom Line

The 🫑 Bell Pepper emoji brings flavor to your digital conversations. Whether you’re discussing cooking, healthy eating, or simply adding a touch of vibrancy to your messages, this emoji does it all. Spice up your texts with a dash of green by incorporating the 🫑 emoji in your conversations! 🌶️🍅🥕🥦🫑

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