Angelina Jolie opens up about the terrible past of Brad Pitt!

With her still unresolved custody dispute with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie said she is unable to speak at length about the distress endured by her and six children that was allegedly caused by the actor. Instead, Jolie has chosen to express what she’s learned from this tumultuous period in her life through a book written for youngsters entitled “Know Your Rights and Claim Them: A Guide for Youth.”

In her interview with The Guardian’s Weekend magazine, Jolie is asked whether she fears for the safety of her family and she responds with a measured “Yes.” Pitt has so far refused to make any statements about the situation publicly, leaving his former partner to rely on court documents and media reports to explain the end of their decade-long relationship and two-year marriage.

Angelina Jolie opens up about the terrible past Brad Pitt? You will be surprised to know!

The divorce papers were filed in September 2016, a move that has since lead to a grueling legal battle concerning the custody of their five minor children ranging from 13 to 17 years old. During this time, issues have arisen regarding the private judge appointed to preside over the proceedings: John Ouderkirk had been accused of favoring Pitt in his rulings, an allegation that was upheld by California’s appellate court who ultimately disqualified Ouderkirk and revoked any previous decisions he had made.

This lengthy process has been met with concern from family law professionals, many of whom have argued that the constant legal disputes are not necessarily beneficial to the children’s wellbeing. Additionally, as the children are now all teenagers, there is an increasing emphasis on their right to determine where they live and how they spend their time.

In light of this, Jolie has called for greater attention to be paid to the rights of children in moments of trauma and distress. She makes a point of noting that her own experiences have led her to become more aware of how important it is that children are safeguarded and protected, a sentiment echoed by her book which seeks to help young people recognize the rights they have and learn from them. By pursuing this mission, Jolie has been able to channel the adversity she faced into something positive – empowering the next generation with knowledge and security.

In doing so, she hopes to ensure that fewer families will have to go through the same heartache and turmoil as her own. It is a sentiment which reflects her commitment to speaking up for those who may otherwise not be heard or seen, and it remains an admirable legacy of strength and resilience in light of all she has endured.

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